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Complutense University of Madrid
English Name: Complutense University of Madrid
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Spain
Found Year: 1499
Address: Avenida de Séneca, 2

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), with a European and International vocation, is the largest public research university in Spain, and is widely regarded as one of its most prestigious academic institutions.

Given that teaching is the institution’s main priority, students are regarded as our number one concern. The Complutense University of Madrid has committed itself to provide a comprehensive training at the highest level, and to teach undergraduate and graduate programs that enjoy a wide acceptance in the labor market.

We are a general university. At the present time, we offer 81 BA degrees, 152 MA and MS degrees, 58 Doctoral programs and nearly 200 Expert and Specialist titles, in almost all areas of knowledge: Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Engineering and Social and Legal Sciences. Learning and teaching at Complutense University are guided by the belief that undergraduate, graduate, master and PhD students and their professors belong to a community of scholars. This community is dedicated to providing students with a foundational understanding of a broad range of disciplines followed by the opportunity for in-depth study in a chosen discipline.

Our university is the main choice for international students in Spain, since 17.41% of them are coming to Complutense. Therefore, the internationalization of the university’s curriculum is an increasing reality – we offer some bilingual degrees (in Spanish and English), and a wide variety of specific courses in different languages. The UCM also has a prestigious Spanish Language Center (CCEE) for international students.

Moreover, the UCM has academic agreements with 400 Universities from all over the world, thereby offering students the opportunity to complete their education by conducting semester or annual stays in most of these institutions. Besides an extensive series of accords permitting student/professor exchanges and study abroad opportunities, the Complutense currently operates some institutions outside of Spain: the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Collège des Hautes Études Européennes Miguel Servet (Paris, France), the Cátedra Complutense in Karlova University (Prague, Czech Republic), and the Cátedra Dubcek in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Complutense University of Madrid is committed to integrate education, research and service so that each one enriches and extends the others. This integration promotes academic excellence and nurtures innovation and scholarly development. For this reason, the institution holds an annual open call for innovative projects in education to help improve our teaching methods. The UCM guarantees a quality education that will let students reach their full potential in their future professional experiences with the aim of forming responsible, free, critical and engaged citizens committed to an idea of progress based on equity and tolerance, and which will allow them to join the workplace in the best possible conditions.

Many UCM research groups occupy positions the highest ranks of international leadership. We are committed to the development of stakes of excellence based on large networks of quality research groups, on the promotion of emerging groups, the integration of young researchers, and on the engagement of our own undergraduate and graduate students. Complutense has major strengths in chemistry, particularly in nanosciences and how that can be applied to medicine. It also has a distinguished reputation in astrophysics, quantum computing, neurosciences, paleobiology of the deposits from Atapuerca’ sierra, religious studies, urban development and climate change. Most of our research is supported through research grants having  collaborations with important companies like Telefonica, IBM, and Google. Complutense has an entrepreneurship office, with the only purpose of educating students in all aspects about setting up their own businesses and has produced several spin-off companies.

To sum up, the UCM is committed to discovery and innovation, creative and collaborative achievements, debate and critical inquiry, in an open and inclusive environment that encourages the growth and development of faculty, students, and administrative staff. As a public university, the Complutense is open to the social reality and embraces all ways of thinking and expressions that defend democratic values. Its activity responds to the principles of democracy, transparency, campus sustainability, real and virtual accessibility, preservation of the environment and commitment to the social and economic environment. Likewise, its commitment to social responsibility includes participation in human development through extensive participation in cooperation programs. 

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:74476
           International Students:2935(4%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advertising and Public Relations
           Applied Statistics
           Archaeology Heritage
           Art History
           Audiovisual Communication
           Business Administration and Management
           Chemical Engineering
           Classical Philology
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Engineering-Mathematics
           Computer Science Engineering
           Conservation and Restoration
           English Studies
           Fine Arts
           Geography and Spatial Planning
           Geological Engineering
           Human Nutrition and Dietetics
           Information and Documentation
           Information Technology Management For Business
           International Relations
           Labour Relations and Human Resources
           Law and Labour Relations and Human Resources
           Law-Business Administration
           Management and Public Administration
           Mathematical Engineering
           Mathematics and Statistics
           Modern Languages and Literature
           Occupational Therapy
           Optics and Optometry
           Political Sciences
           Pre-School Teacher
           Primary Education Teacher
           Semitic and Islamic Studies
           Social and Cultural Anthropology
           Social Pedagogy
           Social Work
           Software Engineering
           Spanish and French Law
           Spanish Language and Literature
           Speech Pathology
           Translation and Interpretation
           Veterinary Science
Graduate Programs
           Biomedical Sciences
           Biotecnoligies and / Nano
           Degree in Advanced Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology
           Didactics of  Experimental Sciences and Social Sciences Phd in Didactics "
           Doctor in Fine Arts
           Doctor of  Journalism
           Doctor of  Pharmacy
           Doctor of  Psychological Intervention and Social Determinants and Ph.D. in Biological
           Doctor of  Religious Sciences
           Doctor of  Religious Sciences
           Doctor of  Technical and Image Creation Processes: Social and Aesthetic Applications
           Doctor of  Veterinary
           Doctoral Research in Music Education and Physical Education
           Doctoral Studies of  the  Ancient World
           Doctoral Studies of  the  Ancient World
           Doctorate in Advanced Chemistry
           Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
           Doctorate in Banking and Quantitative Finance
           Doctorate in Business
           Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Forensic and Health
           Doctorate in Dental Sciences
           Doctorate in Economics and Management of  Innovation (Degin)
           Doctorate in Environment: Human Dimensions and Socioeconomic
           Doctorate in Health Care
           Doctorate in Psychology of  Work, Organizational and Human Resource Management
           Doctorate in Social Work
           Erasmus Mundus Master'S Degree in Molecular Nano and Biophotonics For Telecommunications
           Erasmus Mundus Master'S Degree in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics
           Erasmus Mundus Master'S Programme in Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry
           International University of  Contemporary Studies in Latin America
           Languages ​​And Literature
           Ll.D. Parliamentary Elections and Legislative Studies
           Master Degree in Archaeology Him in the  Mediterranean Classical Antiquity
           Master in Advanced Studies in Early Childhood Education
           Master in Advanced Studies in Education
           Master in Advanced Studies in Museums and Historical and Artistic Heritage
           Master in Advanced Studies in Political Communication
           Master in Advanced Studies in Primary Education
           Master in Advanced Studies in Social Education
           Master in Advanced Studies in Tax Law
           Master in Advanced Studies in the  History of  Spanish Art
           Master in Applied Physics
           Master in Banking and Quantitative Finance
           Master in Biomedical Physics
           Master in Business Finance
           Master in Community Social Work, Management and Evaluation of  Social Services
           Master in Comparative Law and Effective Spanish
           Master in Computational Statistical Treatment Information
           Master in Conservation Biology
           Master in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture
           Master in Contemporary History
           Master in Dental Sciences
           Master in Economics
           Master in Economics and Management Innovation
           Master in Ecosystem Restoration
           Master in Environment: Human Dimensions and Socioeconomic
           Master in Environmental Geology and Geological Resources
           Master in Evolutionary Biology
           Master in Fundamental Physics
           Master in Gender Equality in the  Social Sciences
           Master in Governance and Public Administration
           Master in Healthcare Expertise
           Master in History of  the  Spanish Monarchy
           Master in International Economics and Development
           Master in International Law
           Master in International Politics: Sectoral and Area Studies
           Master in Journalism Research: Discourse and Communication
           Master in Law Parliamentary Elections and Legislative Studies
           Master in Logistics and Economic Management of  Defence
           Master in Management and Administration of  Hotel Companies
           Master in Management of  Documentation, Libraries and Archives
           Master in Mathematical Engineering
           Master in Mathematical Research
           Master in Methodology of  Behavioral Science and Health
           Master in Multimedia Journalism Professional
           Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Master in Private Law
           Master in Process Engineering
           Master in Public Law
           Master in Religious Sciences
           Master in Research in Art and Creativity
           Master in Research in Computer
           Master in Research in Health Care
           Master in Research in Immunology
           Master in Research in Veterinary Science
           Master in Research in Vision Sciences
           Master in Research Methodology in Social Sciences: Innovations And Applications
           Master in Social Communication
           Master in Sociology of  Population Planning and Migration Master
           Master in Technology and Optical Image
           Master in Territorial Dynamics and Development
           Master'S Degree in Actuarial and Financial
           Master'S Degree in Administration Y Management (MBA)
           Master'S Degree in American History and Anthropology
           Master'S Degree in Applied Economic Analysis
           Master'S Degree in Arts Education Arteterapia Y For Social Inclusion
           Master'S Degree in Astrophysics
           Master'S Degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Master'S Degree in Chemical Science and Technology
           Master'S Degree in Classics
           Master'S Degree in Diagnostic Cardiac Imaging
           Master'S Degree in Ecology
           Master'S Degree in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics
           Master'S Degree in English Linguistics: New Applications and International Communication
           Master'S Degree in European Cultural Studies
           Master'S Degree in Feminist Studies
           Master'S Degree in French Language French Spanish Applied
           Master'S Degree in Genetics and Cell Biology
           Master'S Degree in Geographic Information Technology
           Master'S Degree in Geophysics and Meteorology
           Master'S Degree in Health Analysis
           Master'S Degree in History and Science of  Antiquity
           Master'S Degree in Latin American Literature
           Master'S Degree in Literary Studies
           Master'S Degree in Microbiology and Parasitology: Research and Development
           Master'S Degree in Nuclear Physics
           Master'S Degree in Optometry and Vision
           Master'S Degree in Organic Chemistry
           Master'S Degree in Paleontology
           Master'S Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology
           Master'S Degree in Physical Anthropology: Evolution Biodiversity Human Y
           Master'S Degree in Political Analysis
           Master'S Degree in Political Communication and Democratic Leadership
           Master'S Degree in Psychology of  Work, Organizational and Resource Management
           Master'S Degree in Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse
           Master'S Degree in Socio-Cultural Analysis It Conocimiento Y De La Communication
           Master'S Degree in Socio-Cultural Analysis It Conocimiento Y De La Communication Master
           Master'S Degree in Spanish and Latin American Music
           Master'S Degree in Spanish As A Second Language
           Master'S Degree in Spanish Literature
           Master'S Degree in Systems Engineering and Control
           Master'S Degree in Teacher Training High School Students, Fpy Language Teaching
           Master'S Degree in Theatre and Performing Arts
           Master'S Degree in Virology
           Master'S Degree in Women and Health
           Methodology of  Behavioral Sciences and Health Doctorate in Women and Health
           Methods Ph.D. in Statistical / Mathematical and Computational Treatment Of
           Ph.D. in Applied Economic Analysis
           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
           Ph.D. in Biology
           Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
           Ph.D. in Computer Engineering
           Ph.D. in Contemporary History
           Ph.D. in Curriculum Innovation in the  Knowledge Society
           Ph.D. in Feminist Perspective and Critical Theory Ph.D. in Sociology
           Ph.D. in Geology and Geological Engineering
           Ph.D. in Germanic Philology
           Ph.D. in International Economics and Development
           Ph.D. in Language, Literature and Speech in Relation To the  Media
           Ph.D. in Latin American Literature
           Ph.D. in Marketing
           Ph.D. in Mass Communication: Information, Entertainment and Propaganda
           Ph.D. in Mathematical Research
           Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry
           Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry
           Ph.D. in Microbiology and Parasitology
           Ph.D. in Microbiology and Parasitology
           Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics
           Ph.D. in Nutrition
           Ph.D. in Nutrition
           Ph.D. in Nutrition
           Ph.D. in Optics, Optometry and Vision
           Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry
           Ph.D. in Physics
           Ph.D. in Political Communication and Culture
           Ph.D. in Political Science
           Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse
           Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse
           Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse
           Ph.D. in Risk Insurance and Finance
           Ph.D. in School Psychology and Development
           Ph.D. in School Psychology and Development
           Ph.D. in Social Anthropology Cultural Diversity and Citizenship
           Ph.D. in Social Communication
           Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature
           Ph.D. in Technology, Structures and Information Processing
           Ph.D. in Theoretical Aspects, Structural and Ethics of  Mass Communication
           Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling
           Phd in Accounting and Auditing
           Phd in Advanced Teaching Knowledge: Quality, Diversity and Evaluation Doctorate
           Phd in Astrophysics
           Phd in Economics
           Phd in English Linguistics
           Phd in Finance Company
           Phd in French Studies
           Phd in Information Science
           Phd in Literary Studies
           Phd in Neuroscience Course
           Phd in Neuroscience Course
           Phd in Neuroscience Course
           Phd in Neuroscience Course
           Phd in Neuroscience Course
           Phd in Theory, Film Analysis and Documentation
           Phd in Vision Science
           Phd Studies in Public and Private Law. Taught At the  Faculty of  Law
           Phd: the  Right of  Communication in Today'S Society
           Research Master in Management, Marketing and Accounting
           Research Master'S Degree in Spanish Language

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