Academic Ranking of World Universities

Academic Ranking of World Universities in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy - 2009

Institution Country
Score on
1Harvard University100100
2University of California, San Francisco83.4 0
3University of Washington77.1 55
4The Johns Hopkins University74.3 62
5Columbia University70.2 73
6University of California, Los Angeles67.3 0
7The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas66.9 62
8Karolinska Institute64.5 48
8University of Michigan - Ann Arbor64.5 28
10University College London63.8 39
11Stanford University63.4 0
12University of Pittsburgh63.1 39
13University of Oxford62.0 55
14Mayo Medical School60.0 0
15University of Cambridge59.8 78
16University of Minnesota, Twin Cities59.3 39
17University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill58.8 0
18Vanderbilt University57.1 0
19The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center56.4 0
20University of Wisconsin - Madison56.1 55
21Yale University55.2 62
22Duke University54.4 0
23The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine54.0 0
24University of Pennsylvania53.5 62
25University of California, San Diego52.9 48
26Tufts University52.7 0
27University of Nottingham52.0 0
28Emory University51.8 0
29University of Toronto51.5 0
30King's College London50.7 0
31The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston49.4 0
32Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)49.3 78
33Cornell University48.7 0
33Leiden University48.7 0
35University of California, Berkeley48.3 55
36Boston University47.9 0
36University of Zurich47.9 0
38University of Munich47.7 39
39Washington University in St. Louis47.5 28
40Brown University46.4 55
40McGill University46.4 28
42Kyoto University46.2 39
42Northwestern University46.2 0
42University of Colorado at Denver46.2 0
45University of Florida45.8 28
46University of Basel45.7 39
46University of Milan45.7 0
48University of Amsterdam45.3 0
49University of Rochester44.9 39
50University of Chicago44.7 0
51-76Baylor College of Medicine0
51-76Case Western Reserve University62
51-76Catholic University of Louvain0
51-76Erasmus University0
51-76McMaster University0
51-76New York University28
51-76The University of Glasgow0
51-76The University of Manchester0
51-76The University of Queensland39
51-76The University of Sheffield39
51-76The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio0
51-76The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston0
51-76The University of Tokyo0
51-76The University of Western Australia48
51-76University of Arizona0
51-76University of Bristol0
51-76University of Frankfurt39
51-76University of Heidelberg0
51-76University of Helsinki0
51-76University of Iowa0
51-76University of Maryland, Baltimore0
51-76University of Massachusetts Medical School - Worcester0
51-76University of Melbourne0
51-76University of Southern California0
51-76University of Utah0
51-76VU University Amsterdam0
77-100Catholic University of Leuven0
77-100National Taiwan University0
77-100National University of Singapore0
77-100Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 60
77-100State University of New York at Buffalo0
77-100The George Washington University28
77-100Thomas Jefferson University0
77-100University of Alberta0
77-100University of Barcelona0
77-100University of Cincinnati0
77-100University of Copenhagen28
77-100University of Freiburg48
77-100University of Illinois at Chicago0
77-100University of Manitoba0
77-100University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey0
77-100University of Miami0
77-100University of Nebraska Medical Center0
77-100University of Paris Descartes (Paris 5)0
77-100University of Sao Paulo0
77-100University of Southampton0
77-100University of Tuebingen55
77-100University of Virginia0
77-100Uppsala University0
77-100Virginia Commonwealth University0

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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