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Leiden University
English Name: Leiden University
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: Netherlands
Found Year: 1575
Address: Rapenburg 70

Brief statement/description of institution

Founded in 1575, Leiden University  is located in the student cities of Leiden and The Hague. It is one of Europe’s leading international research universities and thisprominent position gives our graduates a leading edge in applying for academic posts as well as for functions outside academia. The University has approximately 28,100 students and 6,700 staff members (including the academic staff of the Leiden University Medical Center). Over 4000 of our students come from more than 120 countries around the world. The University comprises seven faculties: Archaeology, Governance and Global Affairs, Humanities, Law, Medicine/LUMC (Leiden University Medical Center), Science, and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Leiden also has a Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON) and an Honours Academy. The University offers a varied range of 46 bachelor's (12 English-taught) and 83 master's programmes (65 English-taught), and highly diverse PhD tracks as well as various interdisciplinary minors. In addition, Leiden University has (in the Honours Academy) a Pre-University College, an Honours College, the Leiden Leadership Programme, and Leiden University College The Hague for excellent students. The University is focused on freedom of opinion and making an impact with study programmes and on-going research.  Leiden University welcomes students to both our locations, and offers services specifically geared to international students. The Plexus Student Center and sporting facilities, as well as clubs and associations are available for students to feel at home quickly.  Career and alumni services are also available for all students to plan their next steps in education or employment.

Mission statement

In the coming years, Leiden University aims to make major contributions to society in the areas of prosperity, well-being and culture. Talent and an environment for excellent research is indispensable to realising these ambitions.  The University is therefore committed to both recruiting and developing talented individuals, from secondary school pupils and university students to young researchers and academics. Leiden University endorses inclusiveness and diversity. It is open to all those who wish to study or work here, and to develop their full potential.

Leiden University strives for an internationally recognised position as a top-ranking research-intensive university within the European Higher Education and Research Area. Leiden already has a leading position in a great many fields, including natural sciences, life sciences, medicine, arts, social and behavioural sciences, international law, astronomy and non-Western languages. The University positions its degree programmes in an international context and guarantees their quality and standard in accordance with internationally accepted norms. Our graduates are therefore fully equipped to embark on both master’s and PhD degree programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Our research is founded on a strong disciplinary basis across a broad range of scientific fields, within which our academics conduct both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. Our researchers are closely involved with society and are inspired by scientific and societal questions about the future, which they translate into fundamental research questions. By concentrating our research in 5 themes and in 30 research institutes in both Leiden and The Hague, Leiden aims to foster an environment that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. The themes are: Fundamentals of science; Health and wellbeing, Languages, cultures and societies, Law, politics and administration; Life Sciences.  These themes offer ample opportunity for first-class fundamental research, but they also have strong links with key issues prevalent in contemporary societies.

In the coming years, Leiden University will continue to do its utmost to facilitate excellent research and to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration in these profile areas and other fields.

Leiden University has joint multidisciplinary research centres and teaching programmes with Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The University had a vast array of external collaborations and is, for example, a partner in Medical Delta, the South Holland consortium of knowledge institutions, businesses and government in the field of life sciences and medical technology. Leiden University is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), an alliance of leading research universities in Europe. The University also works closely with other partners such as Leiden University Medical Center and Leiden’s Bio Science Park. With over 200 specialist businesses, this is the Netherlands’ largest knowledge cluster in the field of life sciences.

Total Enrollment:19055
           International Students:1447(8%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:12229
           International Students:447(4%)
Graduate Enrollment:6826
           International Students:1000(15%)

Undergraduate Programs
           African Languages and Cultures
           Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean World
           Arabic Language and Culture
           Art History
           Bio-Medical Sciences
           Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
           China, Languages and Cultures of
           Comparative Indo-European Linguistics
           Computer Science
           Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
           Dutch Language and Culture
           Dutch Studies
           Education and Child Studies
           Egyptian Language and Culture
           English Language and Culture
           French Language and Culture
           General, Comparative and Intercultural Literature
           German Language and Culture
           Hebrew and Jewish Studies
           India and Tibet, Languages and Cultures of Indonesia, Languages and Cultures of
           Islamic Theology
           Italian Language and Culture
           Japan, Languages and Cultures of
           Korea, Languages and Cultures of
           Latin America/Spanish, Languages and Cultures of
           Life Science & Technology
           Mesopotamia and Anatolia, Languages and Cultures of
           Middle Eastern Studies
           Molecular Science & Technology
           Notarial Law
           Persian Language and Culture
           Political Science
           Public Administration
           Russian Studies
           Slavic Languages and Cultures
           South and Southeast Asian Studies
           Tax Law
           Turkish Language and Culture
           World Religions
Master's Degree Programs
           African Languages and Cultures
           African Linguistics
           African Linguistics
           African Studies
           Air and Space Law
           Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
           American History
           American Studies
           Analytical Biosciences
           Ancient History
           Ancient History
           Applied Cognitive psychology
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Neuroscience in Education and Child Studies
           Arabic Studies
           Arabic, Persian and Turkish Languages and Cultures
           Aramaic Languages and Culture
           Archaeology and Anthropology of Mesoamerica and the Andes
           Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia
           Archaeology of Egypt
           Archaeology of the Caribbean and Amazonia
           Archaeology of the Near East
           Area Studies: Asia and the Middle East
           Art History
           Art History
           Art in the Contemporary World
           Arts and Culture
           ASEAN Society, Economy and Politics
           Asian Studies
           Astronomy and Education
           Astronomy and Science Communication and Society
           Astronomy and Science-Based Business
           Berber Languages and Linguistics
           Biblical Studies
           Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education
           Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication and Society
           Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science-Based Business
           Biology and Education
           Biology and Science Communication and Society
           Biology and Science-Based Business
           Biomedical Sciences
           Biomedical Sciences Communication
           Biomedical Sciences Education
           Biomedical Sciences Management
           Biomedical Sciences Research
           Book and Digital Media Studies
           Chemistry and Education
           Chemistry and Science Communication and Society
           Chemistry and Science-Based Business
           Child and Adolescent Psychology
           Child and Family Studies
           Chinese Economy and Business
           Chinese Studies
           Civiel recht
           Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
           Classics and Ancient  Civilisations
           Clinical and Experimental Linguistics
           Clinical and Health Psychology
           Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies
           Clinical Neuropsychology
           Clinical Psychology
           Coach for learning and development
           Cognitive Neuroscience
           Comparative Area Studies
           Comparative Indo-European Linguistics
           Comparative Politics and Democracy
           Computer Science
           Computer Science and Science Communication and Society
           Computer Science and Science-Based Business
           Computer Science Theory and Advanced Technologies
           Core Computer Technologies
           Crisis and Security Management
           Crisis and Security Management
           Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
           Design and Decorative Art Studies
           Developmental Psychology
           Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies
           Digital Access to Cultural Heritage
           Drug Delivery Technology and Biopharmaceutics
           Dutch Politics
           Dutch Studies
           Early Modern and Medieval Art
           Economic and Consumer Psychology
           Education and Child Studies
           Educational Master Humanities
           Educational Studies
           Encyclopedie en filosofie van het recht
           English Language Acquisition
           English Language and Culture
           English Linguistics
           English Literature
           English Philology
           Enlightenment and Modernism in Christianity and Judaism
           Environment and Development
           Ethics and Politics
           Europaeum programme European History and Civilisation: Leiden-Oxford-Paris Programme
           European and International Business Law
           European Governance
           European Law
           European Union Studies
           Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation
           Field Archaeology
           Film and Photographic Studies
           Fiscaal recht
           Forensische criminologie
           French Language and Culture
           French Linguistics
           French Literature
           French Literature and Linguistics
           German Language and Culture
           German Linguistics
           German Literary and Cultural Studies
           Global Connections
           Health psychology
           Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and Cultures
           Hebrew Bible Studies
           Hebrew Languages and Cultures
           Heritage Management in a World Context
           Historical Archaeology
           History and Philosophy of the Sciences
           History of European Expansion and Globalisation
           History of European Expansion and Globalisation
           History of Political Culture and National Identities
           History of Political Culture and National Identities
           History of the Book
           Human Bones Studies
           Human Origins
           ICT in Business
           Indian American Studies
           Indian and Tibetan Studies
           Indonesian and Malay Studies
           Indonesian Studies
           Industrial Ecology
           International Administration
           International Criminal Law
           International Relations
           International Relations and Diplomacy
           International Tax Law
           Islam in the Contemporary West
           Islamic Studies
           Islamic Theology
           Italian Language and Culture
           Italian Linguistics
           Italian Linguistics and Literature
           Italian Literature
           Japanese Studies
           Journalistiek en nieuwe media
           Korean Studies
           Languages and Cultures of Mesopotamia and Anatolia
           Latin American  Studies
           Latin American Linguistics
           Latin American Literature
           Latin American Studies
           Learning Problems and Impairments
           Life Science & Technology
           Life Science and Education
           Life Science and Science Communication and Society
           Life Science Research and Development
           Life Science-Based Business Development
           Linguistics :
           Literary Studies
           Material Culture and Artefact Studies
           Mathematics and Education
           Mathematics and Science Communication and Society
           Mathematics and Science-Based Business
           Media and Material Culture
           Media Technology
           Medicinal Chemistry
           Medieval and Early Modern European History
           Medieval and Early Modern European History
           Methodology and Statistics in Psychology
           Middle Eastern Studies
           Migration and Global Interdependence
           Migration and Global Interdependence
           Modern Latin American History
           Moderne letterkunde
           Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
           Museums and Collections
           Nederlandse kunstgeschiedenis
           Nederlandse letterkunde
           Nederlandse taal en cultuur
           Nederlandse taalkunde
           New Testament and Early Christian Studies
           Occupational Health Psychology
           Oudere letterkunde
           Palaeolithic Archaeology
           Peace, Justice and Development
           Persian Studies
           Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture
           Philosophy of Humanities
           Philosophy of Law
           Philosophy of Medical Sciences
           Philosophy of Natural Sciences
           Philosophy of Political Science
           Philosophy of Psychology
           Physics and Education
           Physics and Science Communication and Society
           Physics and Science-Based Business
           Political Behaviour and Communication
           Political Philosophy
           Political Science
           Political Science
           Political Science
           Political Science and Public Administration
           Politics and Bureaucracy
           Prehistoric Farming Communities
           Prehistory of Northwestern Europe
           Public Administration
           Public Administration
           Public International Law
           Public International Law
           Public Policy, Lobbying and Media
           Public Sector Management
           Public sector management
           Publishing Studies
           Religion and Society
           Religion, Culture and Society
           Religious Studies
           Research in Astronomy
           Research in Chemistry
           Research in Experimental Physics
           Research in Physics, Casimir pre-PhD
           Research in Physics, Cosmology
           Research in Theoretical Physics
           Russian Studies
           Slavic Languages and Cultures
           Social and Organisational Psychology
           Social and Organisational Psychology
           Staats- en bestuursrecht
           Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences
           Straf- en strafprocesrecht
           Study of Art and Literature
           Teaching Art History and Cultural and Art Education
           Teaching Biology
           Teaching Business Economics
           Teaching Chemistry
           Teaching Chinese
           Teaching Classics
           Teaching Dutch
           Teaching Economics
           Teaching English
           Teaching French
           Teaching German
           Teaching History and Civics
           Teaching Mathematics
           Teaching Philosophy
           Teaching Physics
           Teaching Religious Studies
           Teaching Social Studies
           Teaching Spanish
           Teaching Turkish
           Theology and Religious Studies
           Theoretical Linguistics
           Town and Country
           Translation Dutch-English-Dutch
           Turkish Studies
           Vaderlandse geschiedenis
           Veiligheidsbeleid en rechtshandhaving
           Vitality and Ageing
Doctoral Programs
           Law PhD programmes
           Law PhD programmes
           Social and Behavioural Sciences

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