Academic Ranking of World Universities

Michigan State University
English Name: Michigan State University
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: USA
Found Year: 1855
Address: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824, United States of America


Michigan State University has been advancing the common good with uncommon will for more than 160 years. The nation’s pioneer land-grant university, MSU was founded as a bold experiment that democratized higher education and helped bring science and innovation into everyday life. In communities from East Lansing to East Africa, MSU Spartans push the boundaries of discovery and forge enduring partnerships to create solutions that make a better tomorrow—from ensuring safe food and water supplies and developing lifesaving vaccines to advancing rare isotope research and preparing a new generation of urban educators. One of the top research universities in the world and a member of the Association of American Universities, MSU offers nationally ranked and recognized academic, undergraduate research, residential college, study abroad, and service-learning programs and is the nation’s top public research university for student engagement. A diverse and inclusive academic community, MSU enrolls more than 50,000 students from all 50 states and more than 130 countries, employs 2,000 tenure-system faculty members, and offers more than 200 programs of study in 17 degree-granting colleges.

Total Enrollment:43083
           International Students:4338(10%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:34167
           International Students:2130(6%)
Graduate Enrollment:8916
           International Students:2209(25%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Actuarial Science
           Additional Major in Arabic
           Additional Major in Chinese
           Additional Major in German
           Additional Major in Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
           Additional Major in Japanese
           Additional Major in Russian
           Agribusiness Management
           American Studies (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Spring 2014)
           Animal Science
           Anthropology - Bachelor of Arts
           Anthropology - Bachelor of Science
           Apparel and Textile Design
           Apparel and Textiles
           Applied Engineering Sciences
           Art Education
           Art History and Visual Culture
           Arts and Humanities
           Athletic Training
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
           Biological Science-Interdepartmental
           Biology Major
           Biomedical Laboratory Science
           Biosystems Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Chemical Physics
           Chemistry - Bachelor of Arts
           Chemistry - Bachelor of Science
           Child Development - Bachelor of Arts
           Child Development - Bachelor of Science
           Civil Engineering
           Classical Studies (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Summer 2014)
           Clinical Laboratory Sciences
           Communicative Sciences and Disorders (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Summer 2013)
           Comparative Cultures and Politics Major
           Computational Chemistry
           Computational Mathematics - Bachelor of Arts
           Computational Mathematics - Bachelor of Science
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science
           Computer Science Major
           Construction Management
           Criminal Justice
           Crop and Soil Sciences
           Diagnostic Molecular Science
           Earth Science - Interdepartmental
           Earth Science Major
           Economics - Bachelor of Arts
           Economics - Bachelor of Science
           Electrical Engineering
           Environmental Biology/Microbiology
           Environmental Biology/Plant Biology
           Environmental Biology/Zoology
           Environmental Economics and Policy
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Geosciences
           Environmental Sciences and Management Major
           Environmental Soil Science (this program is in moratorium effective Summer 2010 through Fall 2012)
           Environmental Studies and Agriscience
           Family Community Services - Bachelor of Arts
           Family Community Services - Bachelor of Science
           Fisheries and Wildlife
           Food Industry Management
           Food Science
           General Business Administration - Prelaw (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Spring 2012)
           General Management
           Genomics and Molecular Genetics
           Geographic Information Science
           Geography - Bachelor of Arts
           Geography - Bachelor of Science
           Geological Sciences
           Global and Area Studies- Social Science  (Bachelor of Arts)
           Global and Area Studies- Social Science  (Bachelor of Science)
           Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
           History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science Major
           Hospitality Business
           Human Biology
           Human Resource Management
           Humanities - Prelaw Program
           Interdisciplinary Humanities, Program in
           Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science  (Bachelor of Arts)
           Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science  (Bachelor of Science)
           Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Social Science Education
           Interior Design
           International Relations Major
           Jazz Studies
           Landscape Architecture
           Materials Science and Engineering
           Mathematics - Bachelor of Arts
           Mathematics - Bachelor of Science
           Mathematics, Advanced
           Mechanical Engineering
           Media and Communication Technology
           Media and Information - Bachelor of Arts
           Media and Information - Bachelor of Science
           Media Arts and Technology
           Music Education
           Music Performance
           Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
           Nutritional Sciences
           Physical Science - Interdepartmental
           Physical Science Major
           Physics - Bachelor of Arts
           Physics - Bachelor of Science
           Plant Biology
           Plant Pathology (this program is in moratorium effective Summer 2010 through Spring 2013)
           Political Science - General
           Political Science - Prelaw
           Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy Major
           Professional Writing
           Psychology - Bachelor of Arts
           Psychology - Bachelor of Science
           Public Policy
           Religious Studies
           Social Relations and Policy Major
           Social Work
           Sociology - Bachelor of Arts
           Sociology - Bachelor of Science
           Special Education  (Special Ed-Learn Disabilities)
           Statistics  (Bachelor of Arts)
           Statistics  (Bachelor of Science)
           Studio Art - Bachelor of Arts
           Studio Art - Bachelor of Fine Arts
           Supply Chain Management
           Technology Systems Management (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2011 through Spring 2017)
           Theatre - Bachelor of Arts
           Theatre - Bachelor of Fine Arts
           Urban and Regional Planning
           Veterinary Technology
           Women's and Gender Studies
           World Politics
           Zoology - Bachelor of Arts
           Zoology - Bachelor of Science
Graduate Programs
           Accounting - Master of Science
           Advertising - Master of Arts
           African American and African Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           African American and African Studies - Master of Arts
           Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics - Master of Science
           American Studies - Doctor of Philosophy (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Summer 2017)
           American Studies - Master of Arts (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Summer 2015)
           Animal Science - Master of Science
           Animal Science- Doctor of Philosophy
           Animal Science-Environmental Toxicology
           Anthropology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Anthropology - Master of Arts
           Applied Mathematics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Applied Mathematics - Master of Science
           Applied Spanish Linguistics - Master of Arts
           Applied Statistics - Master of Science
           Astrophysics and Astronomy - Doctor of Philosophy
           Astrophysics and Astronomy - Master of Science
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Master of Science
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Biological Science-Interdepartmental - Master of Science
           Biomedical Laboratory Operations - Master of Science
           Biomedical Laboratory Science - Master of Arts
           Biosystems Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Biosystems Engineering - Master of Science
           Business Research - Master of Science
           Cell and Molecular Biology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Cell and Molecular Biology - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Cell and Molecular Biology - Master of Science
           Chemical Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Chemical Engineering - Master of Science
           Chemical Physics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Chemistry - Doctor of Philosophy
           Chemistry - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Chemistry - Master of Science
           Chicano/Latino Studies, Doctor of Philosophy
           Child Development - Master of Science
           Civil Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Civil Engineering - Master of Science
           Clinical Laboratory Sciences - Master of Science
           Collaborative Piano - Master of Music
           Communication - Doctor of Philosophy
           Communication - Master of Arts
           Communication Arts and Sciences-Media and Information Studies
           Communicative Sciences and Disorders - Doctor of Philosophy
           Communicative Sciences and Disorders - Master of Arts
           Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies - Master of Science
           Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology - Master of Science
           Computer Science - Doctor of Philosophy
           Computer Science - Master of Science
           Construction Management - Doctor of Philosophy
           Construction Management - Master of Science
           Criminal Justice - Doctor of Philosophy
           Criminal Justice - Master of Science
           Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy - Master of Arts
           Crop and Soil Sciences - Master of Science
           Crop and Soil Sciences- Doctor of Philosophy
           Crop and Soil Sciences- Environmental Toxicology
           Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing - Master of Arts
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Accounting)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Business Information Systems)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Finance)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Logistics)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Operations and Sourcing Mgt)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Org Behav-Human Resource Mgt)
           Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration  (Strategic Management)
           Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior - Dual Major
           Economics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Economics - Master of Arts
           Education - Master of Arts
           Educational Policy - Doctor of Philosophy
           Educational Psychology and Educational Technology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Educational Technology - Master of Arts
           Electrical Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Electrical Engineering - Master of Science
           Engineering Mechanics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Engineering Mechanics - Master of Science
           English - Doctor of Philosophy
           Entomology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Entomology - Master of Science
           Environmental Design - Master of Arts
           Environmental Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Environmental Engineering - Master of Science
           Environmental Geosciences - Doctor of Philosophy
           Environmental Geosciences - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Environmental Geosciences - Master of Science
           Epidemiology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Epidemiology - Master of Science
           Finance - Master of Science
           Fisheries and Wildlife - Doctor of Philosophy
           Fisheries and Wildlife - Environmental Toxicology
           Fisheries and Wildlife - Master of Science
           Food Safety
           Food Science - Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Food Science - Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy  (Master of Science)
           Food Science-Environmental Toxicology
           Foodservice Business Management - Master of Science
           Forensic Science - Master of Science
           Forestry - Doctor of Philosophy
           Forestry - Environmental Toxicology
           Forestry - Master of Science
           French - Master of Arts
           French, Language and Literature - Doctor of Philosophy
           General Science - Master of Arts for Teachers
           Genetics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Genetics - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Genetics - Master of Science
           Geographic Information Science - Master of Science
           Geography - Doctor of Philosophy
           Geography - Master of Science
           Geological Sciences - Doctor of Philosophy
           Geological Sciences - Master of Science
           German Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           German Studies - Master of Arts
           Health and Risk Communication
           Health Professions Education - Master of Arts
           Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education - Master of Arts
           Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Hispanic Cultural Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           Hispanic Literatures - Master of Arts
           History - Doctor of Philosophy
           History - Master of Arts
           History-Secondary School Teaching - Master of Arts (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Spring 2015)
           Horticulture - Doctor of Philosophy
           Horticulture - Master of Science
           Hospitality Business Management - Master of Science
           Human Development and Family Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           Human Development and Family Studies - Master of Science
           Human Nutrition - Doctor of Philosophy
           Human Nutrition - Environmental Toxicology
           Human Nutrition - Master of Science
           Human Resources and Labor Relations - Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations
           Industrial Mathematics - Master of Science
           Industrial Relations and Human Resources - Doctor of Philosophy
           Integrated Pest Management - Master of Science
           Integrative Pharmacology
           Interior Design and Facilities Management - Master of Arts (this program is in moratorium Spring 2011 through Fall 2014)
           International Planning Studies
           Jazz Studies - Master of Music
           Journalism - Master of Arts
           K-12 Educational Administration - Doctor of Philosophy
           K-12 Educational Administration - Master of Arts
           Kinesiology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Kinesiology - Master of Science
           Laboratory Research in Pharmacology and Toxicology - Master of Science
           Large Animal Clinical Sciences - Doctor of Philosophy
           Large Animal Clinical Sciences - Master of Science
           Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis - Master of Science
           Linguistics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Linguistics - Master of Arts
           Literature in English - Master of Arts
           Marketing Research -Master of Science
           Master of Business Administration
           Master of Business Administration Degree: Corporate M.B.A. Program
           Master of Business Administration Degree: Executive M.B.A. Program
           Master of Business Administration Degree: Program in Integrative Management
           Master of Public Health in Public Health
           Materials Science and Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Materials Science and Engineering - Master of Science
           Mathematics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Mathematics - Master of Arts for Teachers
           Mathematics - Master of Science
           Mathematics Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Mathematics Education - Master of Science
           Measurement and Quantitative Methods - Doctor of Philosophy
           Mechanical Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy
           Mechanical Engineering - Master of Science
           Microbiology - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Microbiology and Molecular Genetics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Microbiology and Molecular Genetics - Master of Science
           Music Composition - Doctor of Musical Arts
           Music Composition - Master of Music
           Music Conducting - Doctor of Musical Arts
           Music Conducting - Master of Music
           Music Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Music Education - Master of Music
           Music Performance - Doctor of Musical Arts
           Music Performance - Master of Music
           Music Theory - Master of Music
           Musicology - Master of Arts
           Neuroscience - Doctor of Philosophy
           Neuroscience - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Neuroscience - Master of Science
           Nursing - Doctor of Philosophy
           Nursing - Master of Science
           Packaging - Doctor of Philosophy
           Packaging - Master of Science
           Pathobiology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Pathobiology - Master of Science
           Pathobiology-Environmental Toxicology
           Pharmacology and Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Pharmacology and Toxicology - Master of Science
           Pharmacology and Toxicology-Environmental Toxicology
           Philosophy - Doctor of Philosophy
           Philosophy - Master of Arts
           Physical Science - Interdepartmental - Master of Science
           Physics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Physics - Master of Science
           Physiology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Physiology - Master of Science
           Piano Pedagogy - Master of Music
           Plant Biology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Plant Biology - Master of Science
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Crop and Soil Sciences  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Crop and Soil Sciences  (Master of Science)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Forestry  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Forestry  (Master of Science)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Horticulture  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Horticulture  (Master of Science)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Plant Biology  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Plant Biology  (Master of Science)
           Plant Pathology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Plant Pathology - Master of Science
           Political Science - Doctor of Philosophy
           Political Science - Master of Arts
           Professional Applications in Anthropology - Master of Arts
           Psychology - Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy  (Doctor of Philosophy)
           Psychology - Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy  (Master of Arts)
           Public Policy - Master of Public Policy
           Public Relations - Master of Arts
           Rehabilitation Counseling - Master of Arts
           Rehabilitation Counselor Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Rhetoric and Writing - Doctor of Philosophy
           School Psychology - Doctor of Philosophy
           School Psychology - Educational Specialist
           School Psychology - Master of Arts
           Second Language Studies - Doctor of Philosophy
           Small Animal Clinical Sciences - Master of Science
           Social Work - Doctor of Philosophy
           Social Work - Master of Social Work
           Sociology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Sociology - Master of Arts
           Special Education - Doctor of Philosophy
           Special Education - Master of Arts
           Statistics - Doctor of Philosophy
           Statistics - Master of Science
           Student Affairs Administration - Master of Arts
           Studio Art - Master of Fine Arts
           Supply Chain Management - Master of Science
           Teaching and Curriculum - Master of Arts
           Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Master of Arts
           Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media - Master of Arts
           Theatre - Master of Fine Arts
           Urban and Regional Planning
           Youth Development - Master of Arts
           Zoo and Aquarium Management - Master of Science (this program is in moratorium effective Spring 2010 through Spring 2012)
           Zoology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Zoology - Environmental Toxicology - Doctor of Philosophy
           Zoology - Master of Science

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