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Nagoya University
English Name: Nagoya University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1939
Address: Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku

Nagoya University, since its foundation in 1939 as one of seven imperial universities, has developed into one of the nations leading universities. Having established its basic philosophy for teaching and research, it has created a unique system of education and research, allowing the University to achieve high standards in research while cultivating Japan

s foremost leaders, as evidenced by its accounting for almost one third of Japan’s Nobel laureates in Science. This success is attributed to the liberal and vibrant character of Nagoya University, which encourages education and research that is free from traditional and rigid thinking. From an international perspective, Nagoya University boasts one of the highest ratios of international students in Japan, having close to 200 international academic exchange agreements with overseas institutions. Nagoya University is proud to have developed into a truly world-class university, and aims to gain even further ground and compete with the top universities. Nagoya University was designated as Designated National University Corporation by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2018.

Total Enrollment:14685
           International Students:1031(7%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:9640
           International Students:150(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:5045
           International Students:881(17%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Biosciences
           Biological Science
           Chemical and Biological Engineering
           Economics and Business Administration
           Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Information Engineering
           Law and Political Science
           Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
           Physical Science and Engineering
Master's Degree Programs
           Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Graduate Program
           Chemistry Graduate Program
           Department of the Combined Graduate Program in Law and Political Science
           Graduate Program in Comparative Studies of Language and Culture
           Graduate Program in Economics and Business Administration
           International Development and Cooperation Course
           LL.D (Comparative Law) Program in Law and Political Science
           LL.M (Comparative Law) Program in Law and Political Science
           Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP)
           Physics and Mathematics Graduate Program
           Young Leaders' Program (YLP) - Healthcare Administration Course of Master's Degree Program
Doctoral Programs
           Biological and Bioagricultural Sciences Graduate Program
           Chemistry Graduate Program
           Department of the Combined Graduate Program in Law and Political Science
           International Development and Cooperation Course
           LL.D (Comparative Law) Program in Law and Political Science
           LL.M (Comparative Law) Program in Law and Political Science
           Medical Science Graduate Program
           Physics and Mathematics Graduate Program
           Special Doctoral Graduate Program of Sciences of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere for International Students
           The Forefront Studies Program for Civil Engineering

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