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Purdue University - West Lafayette
English Name: Purdue University - West Lafayette
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: USA
Found Year: 1869
Address: 610 Purdue Mall

Educational access is the founding premise for Purdue University. Established in 1869 under the Morrill Act of 1862, the University is a land-grant, state-assisted institution with its main campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. Named for its benefactor John Purdue, the University has gained a global reputation for quality, affordable education and as one of the nation's leading research institutions. Consistently ranked among the elite nationally and world-wide in programs such as science, agriculture, engineering, and business, Purdue's educational repertoire now includes more than 200 undergraduate majors and specializations and 80 graduate programs while serving nearly 74,000 students system-wide. Purdue’s main campus is comprised of 13 schools and colleges -- Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Exploratory Studies, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Management, Pharmacy, Science, Technology, and Veterinary Medicine, Honors College as well as a Graduate School that oversees all graduate programs. A dynamic and affordable Purdue education is preparing tomorrow’s leaders for a changing world.

Total Enrollment:37835
           International Students:5451(14%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:30926
           International Students:2748(9%)
Graduate Enrollment:6909
           International Students:2703(39%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Actuarial Science
           Advertising (See Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy)
           Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
           Aeronautical Engineering Technology
           African American Studies
           Agricultural Communication
           Agricultural Economics
           Agricultural Education
           Agricultural Engineering
           Agricultural Systems Management
           Air Traffic Control (See Aviation Management)
           American Studies
           Animal Sciences
           Apparel Design and Technology
           Applied Exercise and Health
           Applied Meteorology and Climatology
           Art Education
           Art History
           Asian Studies
           Athletic Training
           Atmospheric Science/Meteorology
           Aviation Management
           Biological and Food Process Engineering
           Biological Engineering
           Biology - Biochemistry
           Biology - Biology Education
           Biology - Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
           Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Sciences
           Biology - Genetics
           Biology - Health and Disease
           Biology - Microbiology
           Biology - Neurobiology and Physiology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Brain and Behavioral Sciences
           Building Construction Management Technology
           Business (See Management)
           Chemical Engineering
           Chemistry - American Chemical Society
           Chemistry - Biochemistry
           Chemistry - Chemistry Education
           Civil Engineering
           Classical Studies
           Communication, General
           Comparative Literature
           Computer and Information Technology
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Graphics Technology
           Computer Science
           Construction Engineering
           Corporate Communication
           Creative Writing
           Criminal Justice (See Law and Society)
           Crop Science
           Developmental and Family Science
           Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, and Health (dual major)
           Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs
           Earth/Space Science Teaching
           Electrical Engineering
           Electrical Engineering Technology
           Elementary Education
           Engineering/Technology Teacher Education
           English Education
           Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
           Environmental Geosciences
           Environmental Health Sciences
           Environmental Studies (See Pre-environmental Studies)
           Family and Consumer Sciences Education
           Farm Management
           Fashion Design (See Apparel Design and Technology)
           Film and Theatre Production
           Film and Video Studies
           Finance (See FInancial Counseling and Planning or Management)
           Financial Counseling and Planning
           Fine Arts
           Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
           Flight (Professional Flight Technology)
           Food Science
           Foods and Nutrition in Business
           General Health Sciences
           Geology and Geophysics
           Graphic Design (See Visual Communication Design)
           Health and Safety Education
           Horticulture Science
           Hospitality and Tourism Management
           Human Relations Communication
           Human Resources (See Management or Organizational Leadership and Supervision)
           Human Services
           Industrial (Consumer Product) Design
           Industrial Distribution
           Industrial Engineering
           Industrial Management
           Industrial Technology
           Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies
           Interior (Space Planning) Design
           International Business (See Management)
           Italian Studies
           Jewish Studies
           Journalism (See Mass Communication)
           Landscape Architecture
           Law and Society
           Manufacturing Engineering Technology
           Marketing (See Management or Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy)
           Mass Communication
           Materials Engineering
           Mathematics Education
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering Technology
           Medical Laboratory Sciences
           Medieval and Renaissance Studies
           Meteorology (See Applied Meteorology and Climatology or Atmospheric Science/Meteorology)
           Movement and Sport Sciences
           Multidisciplinary Engineering
           Natural Resources and Environmental Science
           Natural Resources Planning and Decision Making
           Nuclear Engineering
           Nutrition Science
           Nutrition, Fitness, and Health
           Occupational Health Sciences
           Organizational Leadership and Supervision
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Photography and Related Media
           Physical Education
           Physics Education
           Plant Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology
           Plant Science
           Political Science
           Pre-environmental Studies
           Preoccupational Therapy
           Prephysical Therapy
           Prephysician's Assistant
           Preveterinary Medicine
           Professional Writing
           Psychological Sciences
           Public Health Promotion
           Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy
           Radiological Health Sciences
           Religious Studies
           Retail Management
           Sales and Marketing
           Selling and Sales Management
           Social Studies Education
           Soil and Hydrologic Sciences
           Special Education
           Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Pre-research
           Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences - Preprofessional
           Statistics - Applied Statistics
           Statistics with Mathematics Option
           Sustainable Agronomic Systems
           Technology Statewide Programs
           Theatre Design and Production
           Turf Science and Management
           Undecided Liberal Arts
           Undecided Science
           Undecided within Engineering
           Undergraduate Studies Program (for exploratory students)
           Veterinary Technician or Technologist
           Visual Communications Design
           Women's Studies
           Wood Products Manufacturing Technology
           Zoology (See Wildlife)
Graduate Programs
           Aeronautics & Astronautics
           Agricultural & Biological Engineering
           Agricultural Economics
           American Studies
           Animal Sciences
           Art & Design
           Aviation Technology
           Basic Medical Sciences
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Botany & Plant Pathology
           Chemical Engineering
           Child Development & Family Studies
           Civil Engineering
           Comparative Literature
           Comparative Pathobiology
           Computational Life Sciences
           Computational Science & Engineering
           Computer and Information Technology
           Computer Graphics Technology
           Computer Sciences
           Consumer Sciences & Retailing
           Curriculum & Instruction
           Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
           Ecological Sciences & Engineering
           Educational Studies
           Electrical & Computer Engineering
           Engineering Education
           Food Science
           Foods & Nutrition
           Foreign Languages & Literatures
           Forestry & Natural Resources
           Health & Kinesiology
           Health Sciences
           Hospitality & Tourism Management
           Industrial & Physical Pharmacy
           Industrial Engineering
           Industrial Technology
           Information Security
           Interdisciplinary Comparative Medicine
           Interdisciplinary Engineering (Distance Education)
           Management - Executive
           Management - GISMA (Germany)
           Management - M.B.A.
           Management - M.S. Degree in Finance Program
           Management - M.S.I.A
           Management - Ph.D.
           Management - Weekend M.B.A.
           Materials Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
           Nuclear Engineering
           OBHR - M.S. Degree in Human Resources Management Program
           Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management - (OBHR)
           Pharmacy Practice
           Philosophy & Literature
           Political Science
           Psychological Sciences
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Biomolecular Structure and Biophysics
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Chemical Biology
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Chromatin and Gene Expression
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Integrative Neuroscience
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Integrative Plant Sciences
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Membrane Biology
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Microbiology
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Molecular Evolutionary Genetics
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Molecular Signaling and Cancer Biology
           PULSe (Life Sciences)- Molecular Virology
           Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
           Veterinary Clinical Sciences
           Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)
           Visual & Performing Arts -Art & Design
           Visual & Performing Arts -Theatre
           Youth Development & Agricultural Education

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