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RWTH Aachen University
English Name: RWTH Aachen University
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: Germany
Found Year: 1870
Address: Templergraben 55

RWTH Aachen University is the largest university of technology in Germany and one of the most renowned in Europe. It currently has more than 45,000 enrolled students, most of them in engineering. Every year, numerous international students and scientists come to the University to benefit from its high quality courses and excellent facilities, both of which are recognised at an international level.

RWTH Aachen University is in the process of developing from a polytechnic into an integrated, interdisciplinary technical university. The engineering focus of the University is loosely coordinated with the natural sciences and medicine; the arts, social sciences and economics, structurally linked to the core disciplines, also make a significant contribution to the University’s teaching and research profile. With its 260 institutes in nine faculties, RWTH Aachen is among the leading European scientific and research institutions. More than 45,000 students in 158 courses of study were registered in the winter semester of 2018/19, including 10.500 international students from 125 countries.

Teaching at RWTH Aachen University is first and foremost application-oriented. Its graduates are therefore sought-after as junior executives and leaders in business and industry. National rankings and international assessments attest to the RWTH graduates’ marked ability to handle complex tasks, to solve problems constructively in team work and to take on leadership roles. It is therefore not surprising that one in five board members of German corporate groups has studied at RWTH Aachen University. The work of the research centres of RWTH Aachen is closely oriented towards the current needs of industry. This leads to numerous developments that are patented and utilised. The competence centres of RWTH Aachen University achieve very effective cross- subject, inter-faculty collaboration in interdisciplinary networks while maintaining a high level of specialisation and differentiation into distinct subject areas. Through networking, the University is improving its competitive capacity on the international education market and boosting its appeal for highly qualified and highly motivated students from home and abroad.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Geography B.Sc.
           Applied Geosciences B.Sc.
           Architecture B.Sc.
           Automotive Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Biology B.Sc.
           Biology B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Biology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Business Administration & Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering B.Sc.
           Business Administration B.Sc.
           Catholic Religious Education B.A., Gymansium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Catholic Religious Education B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Chemistry B.Sc.
           Chemistry B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Chemistry B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Civil Engineering (Hochbau) B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Civil Engineering B.Sc.
           Communications Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Computational Engineering Science B.Sc.
           Computer Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Computer Science B.Sc.
           Computer Science B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Economics B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Economics/Political Science B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Electrical Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering B.Sc.
           English B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           English B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Environmental Engineering B.Sc.
           French B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           French B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Georesources Management B.Sc.
           German B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           German B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           History B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Industrial Engineering B.Sc., Civil Engineering Specialization
           Industrial Engineering B.Sc., Materials and Process Engineering Specialization
           Industrial Engineering B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering Specialization
           Literary and Linguistic Studies B.A.
           Logopedics B.Sc.
           Logopedics B.Sc., Dual Course of  Study
           Machine Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Manufacturing Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Materials Engineering B.Sc.
           Materials Science B.Sc.
           Mathematics B.Sc.
           Mathematics B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Mathematics B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Mechanical Engineering B.Sc.
           Mineral Resources Engineering B.Sc.
           Mobility and Transport B.Sc.
           Molecular and Applied Biotechnology B.Sc.
           Physics B.Sc.
           Physics B.Sc., Gymnasium Und Gesamtschule Teacher
           Physics B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Political Science B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Power Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Psychology B.Sc.
           Social Sciences B.A.
           Spanish B.A., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher
           Spanish B.A., Vocational School Teacher
           Structural Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Supply Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Technical Communication B.Sc.
           Textil Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Underground Engineering B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
           Wood Technology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher
Master's Degree Programs
           Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautics M.Sc.
           Applied Geography M.Sc.
           Applied Geophysics M.Sc.
           Applied Geosciences M.Sc.
           Architecture M.Sc.
           Automation Engineering M.Sc.
           Automotive Engineering and Transport M.Sc.
           Automotive Engineering M.Sc.
           Biology M.Sc.
           Biomedical Engineering M.Sc.
           Business Administration & Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering M.Sc.
           Business Administration & Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc.
           Business Administration M.Sc.
           Chemistry M.Sc.
           Civil Engineering M.Sc.
           Combustion Engines M.Sc.
           Commercial Geography M.Sc.
           Computational Engineering Science M.Sc.
           Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering M.Sc.
           Computer Science M.Sc.
           Development and Design M.Sc.
           Economics M.Sc.
           Ecotoxicology M.Sc.
           Education and Knowledge Management M.A.
           Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering M.Sc.
           Energy Engineering M.Sc.
           Energy Management M.Sc.
           English Studies M.A.
           Environmental Engineering M.Sc.
           European Studies M.A.
           General Mechanical Engineering M.Sc.
           Georesources Management M.Sc.
           German and General Literature M.A.
           History M.A.
           Industrial Engineering M.Sc., Civil Engineering Specialization
           Industrial Engineering M.Sc., Materials and Process Engineering Specialization
           Lasers in Dentistry M.Sc.
           Linguistics and Communication Studies M.A.
           Logistics M.Sc.
           Materials Engineering M.Sc.
           Materials Science M.Sc.
           Mathematics M.Sc.
           Media Informatics M.Sc.
           Metallurgical Engineering M.Sc.
           Mineral Resources Engineering M.Sc.
           Mobility and Transport M.Sc.
           Molecular and Applied Biotechnology M.Sc.
           Nuclear Safety Engineering M.Sc.
           Philosophy M.A.
           Physics M.Sc.
           Plastics and Textile Technology M.Sc.
           Political Science M.A.
           Process Engineering M.Sc.
           Production Engineering M.Sc.
           Production Systems Engineering M.Sc.
           Psychology M.Sc.
           Simulation Sciences M.Sc.
           Sociology M.A.
           Software Systems Engineering M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Supply M.Sc.
           Teaching and Research Logopedics M.Sc.
           Technical Communication M.Sc.
           Urban Planning M.Sc.
           Waste Management Engineering M.Sc.

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