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The University of Calgary
English Name: The University of Calgary
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: Canada
Found Year: 1945
Address: 2500 University Drive NW

The University of Calgary is Canada’s leading next-generation university–a living, growing and youthful institution that embraces change and opportunity with a can-do attitude.

Located in the nation’s most enterprising city, the university has a clear strategic direction–Eyes High–to become one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016, grounded in innovative learning and teaching and fully integrated with the community of Calgary.

As a comprehensive research institution, the University of Calgary inspires and supports discovery, creativity and innovation across all disciplines. The multidisciplinary research themes that will guide the university towards its top five goal are: brain and mental health; human dynamics in a changing world; engineering solutions for health; energy innovations; infections, inflammation and chronic diseases; and new earth-space technologies.

The University of Calgary attracts and nurtures the talent that drives new knowledge creation, improves lives and betters our world. In this rich learning environment, the university serves nearly 31,000 students in more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs, and provides the community with diverse lifelong learning opportunities. International study, volunteer, work, and research programs give graduates global context while promoting diversity and innovation in teaching and research.

The University of Calgary stands out among Canadian universities in how it actively engages students in leadership development in all areas–the arts, athletics, science, medicine, engineering, volunteerism and business. It is also a leader in sustainability–living a set of values embraced by the campus through teaching, leadership, and campus operations.

Total Enrollment:27847
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:22013
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:5833
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Actuarial Science 
           Ancient and Medieval History 
           Anthropology Primatology
           Anthropology Social and Cultural
           Applied and Environmental Geology 
           Athletic Therapy 
           Biological Sciences 
           Biomedical Engineering Specialization 
           Biomedical Sciences 
           Business Process Management 
           Canadian Studies 
           Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology 
           Chemical Engineering 
           Civil Engineering 
           Communications Studies 
           Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies 
           Computer Engineering 
           Computer Science 
           Development Studies 
           Earth Science 
           East Asian Language Studies 
           East Asian Studies 
           Electrical Engineering 
           Energy Management 
           Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
           Environmental Science 
           Exercise and Health Physiology 
           Film Studies 
           General Business 
           Geomatics Engineering 
           Greek and Roman Studies 
           Health and Society 
           History and Philosophy of Science 
           Hotel & Resort Management
           Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics 
           International Business 
           International Indigenous Studies 
           International Relations 
           Italian Studies 
           Latin American Studies 
           Law and Society 
           Leadership In Pedagogy and Coaching
           Linguistics and Language 
           Management Information Systems 
           Mechanical Engineering 
           Mind Sciences In Kinesiology 
           Natural Sciences 
           Oil and Gas Engineering 
           Operations Management 
           Personal Financial Planning 
           Petroleum Land Management 
           Political Science 
           Religious Studies and Applied Ethics 
           Religious Studies 
           Risk Management and Insurance 
           Risk Management: Insurance and Finance 
           Science, Technology and Society 
           Social Work 
           Software Engineering 
           Supply Chain Management
           Tourism Management and Marketing 
           Tourism Management 
           Urban Studies 
           Visual Studies Art
           Women'S Studies 
Graduate Programs
           Applied Psychology
           Biological Sciences
           Communications Studies
           Computer Science
           Culture and Society
           Engineering- Biomedical
           Engineering - Chemical and Petroleum
           Engineering - Electrical and Computer
           Engineering - Mechanical & Manufacturing
           Engineering – Civil
           Engineering – Geomatics
           Environmental Design
           Executive MBA
           French, Italian & Spanish
           Germanic, Slavic & East Asian Studies
           Greek & Roman Studies
           Mathematics & Statistics
           MBA course-based
           Medicine - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
           Medicine - Biomedical Technology
           Medicine - Cardiovascular/Respiratory Science
           Medicine - Community Health Sciences
           Medicine - Gastrointestinal Sciences
           Medicine - Immunology  
           Medicine - Medical Sciences
           Medicine - Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
           Medicine – Neuroscience
           Military & Strategic Studies
           Physics & Astronomy
           Political Science
           Psychology – Clinical
           Psychology – Experimental
           Public Policy
           Religious Studies
           Social Work
           Sustainable Energy Development
           Veterinary Medical Sciences

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