Academic Ranking of World Universities

The University of Edinburgh
English Name: The University of Edinburgh
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1583
Address: Old College, South Bridge

The University of Edinburgh. Influencing the world since 1583 

For more than 400 years, our people and their achievements have rewritten history time and again. We’ve explored space, revolutionised surgery, published era-defining books and introduced to the world many inventions, discoveries and ideas from penicillin to Dolly the sheep, believing that anything is possible.


Our experts continue in that tradition, consistently striving to uncover the unknown, transforming science fiction into fact, and unveiling new possibilities for future generations. We embrace the vision of shared ideas and interdisciplinary research, which spans across the traditional boundaries of subject areas.


Quick Facts & Figures

  1. 2/3rds of the world’s nationalities study at Edinburgh.       

    Our breadth of choice in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covers most of the humanities, social science, medicine, vet medicine, science and engineering, as well as the arts.      

  2. Based on the quality and breadth of our research, we have been rated 4th in the UK (2014 REF).       
  3. We are in the capital city of Scotland, home to the Scottish Parliament, an ancient volcanic rock and a castle, and voted the UK's safest city.       

    Our graduates are highly respected and employable: 90% of our undergraduates are in employment or further study six months after graduating and we are rated 32nd in the world for graduate employability.        

    We’ve invested £60m in enhancing our main library - a key learning and teaching resource and the 3rd largest academic library in Europe.       

    We are the 3rd highest scoring sporting institution in the UK (BUCS 2016/17) for the third year running.        

Total Enrollment:22542
           International Students:6070(27%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:17413
           International Students:3226(19%)
Graduate Enrollment:5129
           International Students:2844(55%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting & Finance (MA)
           Ancient & Medieval History (MA)
           Ancient History & Classical Archaeology (MA)
           Ancient History & Greek (MA)
           Ancient History & Latin (MA)
           Ancient History (MA)
           Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations (MA)
           Applied Mathematics (BSc)
           Applied Sport Science (BSc)
           Arabic & Business Studies (MA)
           Arabic & Economics (MA)
           Arabic & French (MA)
           Arabic & History (MA)
           Arabic & History of Art (MA)
           Arabic & Persian (MA)
           Arabic & Politics (MA)
           Arabic & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Arabic & Spanish (MA)
           Arabic (MA)
           Archaeology & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Archaeology (MA)
           Architectural History & Archaeology (MA)
           Architectural History (MA)
           Architecture (MA)
           Architecture in Creative & Cultural Environments (MA)
           Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science (BSc)
           Artificial Intelligence & Mathematics (BSc)
           Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering (BEng)
           Artificial Intelligence (BSc)
           Artificial Intelligence with Management (BEng)
           Astrophysics (BSc)
           Astrophysics (MPhys)
           Biochemistry (BSc)
           Biological Sciences (BSc)
           Biological Sciences with Management (BSc)
           Biotechnology (BSc)
           Business Studies & Accounting (MA)
           Business Studies & Economics (MA)
           Business Studies & French (MA)
           Business Studies & Geography (MA)
           Business Studies & German (MA)
           Business Studies & Law (MA)
           Business Studies & Spanish (MA)
           Business Studies (MA)
           Celtic & Archaeology (MA)
           Celtic & English Language (MA)
           Celtic & English or Scottish Literature (MA)
           Celtic & German (MA)
           Celtic & Linguistics (MA)
           Celtic & Scandinavian Studies (MA)
           Celtic & Scottish History (MA)
           Celtic (MA)
           Chemical Engineering (BEng)
           Chemical Engineering (MEng)
           Chemical Engineering with Management (BEng)
           Chemical Engineering with Management (MEng)
           Chemical Physics (BSc)
           Chemical Physics (MChemPhys)
           Chemical Physics with a Year Abroad (MChemPhys)
           Chemical Physics with Industrial Experience (MChemPhys)
           Chemistry (BSc)
           Chemistry (MChem)
           Chemistry with a Year Abroad (MChem)
           Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry (BSc)
           Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry (MChem)
           Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry and a Year Abroad (MChem)
           Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Experience (MChem)
           Chemistry with Industrial Experience (MChem)
           Chemistry with Materials Chemistry (BSc)
           Chemistry with Materials Chemistry (MChem)
           Chemistry with Materials Chemistry and a YearAbroad (MChem)
           Chemistry with Materials Chemistry and Industrial Experience (MChem)
           Childhood Practice (BA)
           Chinese (MA)
           Chinese and History (MA)
           Chinese and Linguistics (MA)
           Civil Engineering (BEng)
           Civil Engineering (MEng)
           Classical & Middle East Studies (MA)
           Classical Archaeology & Greek (MA)
           Classical Studies (MA)
           Classics & English Language (MA)
           Classics & Linguistics (MA)
           Classics (MA)
           Cognitive Science (BSc)
           Cognitive Science (Humanities) (MA)
           Community Education (BA)
           Computational Physics (BSc)
           Computational Physics (MPhys)
           Computer Science & Electronics (BEng)
           Computer Science & Management Science (BSc)
           Computer Science & Mathematics (BSc)
           Computer Science & Physics (BSc)
           Computer Science (BEng)
           Computer Science (BSc)
           Computer Science with Management (BEng)
           Developmental & Cell Biology (BSc)
           Divinity & Classics (MA)
           Divinity (general & honours) (BD)
           Divinity (general) (BA)
           Divinity (honours) (MA)
           Divinity - Certificate in Pastoral Studies (2-year course) (Certificate)
           Divinity - Certificate in Theology (1-year course) (Certificate)
           Divinity - Licentiate in Theology (3-year course) (Licentiate)
           Ecological & Environmental Sciences (BSc)
           Ecological & Environmental Sciences with Management (BSc)
           Ecology (BSc)
           Economic & Social History (MA)
           Economic & Social History with Environmental Studies (MA)
           Economic History & Business Studies (MA)
           Economic History (MA)
           Economics & Accounting (MA)
           Economics & Chinese (MA)
           Economics & Economic History (MA)
           Economics & Law (MA)
           Economics & Mathematics (MA)
           Economics & Politics (MA)
           Economics & Sociology (MA)
           Economics & Statistics (MA)
           Economics (MA)
           Economics with Environmental Studies (MA)
           Economics with Finance (MA)
           Economics with Management Science (MA)
           Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
           Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (MEng)
           Electrical Engineering (MEng)
           Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy (BEng)
           Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy (MEng)
           Electronics & Computer Science (MEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering (BEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering (Communications) (BEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering (Communications) (MEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering (MEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering with Management (BEng)
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering with Management (MEng)
           Electronics & Software Engineering (BEng)
           Electronics & Software Engineering (MEng)
           Electronics (BEng)
           Electronics (MEng)
           Electronics with Bioelectronics (MEng)
           Engineering (-)
           Engineering for Sustainable Energy (BEng)
           Engineering for Sustainable Energy (MEng)
           English & Scottish Literature (MA)
           English Language & History (MA)
           English Language & Literature (MA)
           English Language (MA)
           English Literature & Classics (MA)
           English Literature & History (MA)
           English Literature (MA)
           Environmental Archaeology (BSc)
           Environmental Geoscience (BSc)
           Evolutionary Biology (BSc)
           Fine Art (5-year course) (MA)
           French & Business Studies (MA)
           French & Classics (MA)
           French & English or Scottish Literature (MA)
           French & History (MA)
           French & History of Art (MA)
           French & Linguistics (MA)
           French & Philosophy (MA)
           French & Politics (MA)
           French & Social Policy (MA)
           French (MA)
           Genetics (BSc)
           Geography & Archaeology (MA)
           Geography & Economic & Social History (MA)
           Geography & Economics (MA)
           Geography & Politics (MA)
           Geography & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Geography & Social Policy (MA)
           Geography & Sociology (MA)
           Geography (BSc)
           Geography (MA)
           Geography with Environmental Studies (MA)
           Geology & Physical Geography (BSc)
           Geology (BSc)
           Geophysics & Geology (BSc)
           Geophysics & Meteorology (BSc)
           Geophysics (BSc)
           German & Business Studies (MA)
           German & Classics (MA)
           German & English Language (MA)
           German & English or Scottish Literature (MA)
           German & History (MA)
           German & History of Art (MA)
           German & Linguistics (MA)
           German & Philosophy (MA)
           German & Politics (MA)
           German & Social Policy (MA)
           German (MA)
           Greek Studies (MA)
           History & Archaeology (MA)
           History & Classics (MA)
           History & History of Art (MA)
           History & Politics (MA)
           History & Scottish History (MA)
           History & Sociology (MA)
           History (MA)
           History of Art & Architectural History (MA)
           History of Art & Chinese Studies (MA)
           History of Art & English Literature (MA)
           History of Art & History of Music (MA)
           History of Art (MA)
           Immunology (BSc)
           Infectious Diseases (BSc)
           Informatics (5-year undergraduate Masters Programme) (MInf)
           International Business (MA)
           International Business with a Language (MA)
           International Relations & Law (MA)
           International Relations (MA)
           Islamic Studies (MA)
           Italian & Business Studies (MA)
           Italian & Classics (MA)
           Italian & English Language (MA)
           Italian & English Literature (MA)
           Italian & History (MA)
           Italian & History of Art (MA)
           Italian & Linguistics (MA)
           Italian & Philosophy (MA)
           Italian & Politics (MA)
           Italian & Social Policy (MA)
           Italian (MA)
           Japanese & Linguistics (MA)
           Japanese (MA)
           Latin Studies (MA)
           Law & Accountancy (LLB)
           Law & Business Studies (LLB)
           Law & Celtic (LLB)
           Law & Economics (LLB)
           Law & French (LLB)
           Law & German (LLB)
           Law & History (LLB)
           Law & International Relations (LLB)
           Law & Politics (LLB)
           Law & Social Anthropology (LLB)
           Law & Social Policy (LLB)
           Law & Sociology (LLB)
           Law & Spanish (LLB)
           Law (Graduate Entry) (LLB)
           Law (ordinary & honours) (LLB)
           Linguistics & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Linguistics (MA)
           Linguistics and English Language (MA)
           Mathematical Physics (BSc)
           Mathematical Physics (MPhys)
           Mathematics & Business Studies (BSc)
           Mathematics & Music (BSc)
           Mathematics & Physics (BSc)
           Mathematics & Statistics (BSc)
           Mathematics (BSc)
           Mathematics (MA)
           Mathematics with Management (BSc)
           MEarthSci in Geology & Physical Geography (MEarthSci)
           MEarthSci in Geology (MEarthSci)
           Mechanical Engineering (BEng)
           Mechanical Engineering (MEng)
           Mechanical Engineering with Management (BEng)
           Mechanical Engineering with Management (MEng)
           Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy (BEng)
           Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy (MEng)
           Medical Biology (BSc)
           Medical Sciences (BSc)
           Medicinal & Biological Chemistry (BSc)
           Medicinal & Biological Chemistry (MChem)
           Medicinal & Biological Chemistry with a Year Abroad (MChem)
           Medicinal & Biological Chemistry with Industrial Experience (MChem)
           Medicine (5-year course) (MBChB)
           Middle Eastern Studies (MA)
           Modern European Languages & European Union Studies (MA)
           Modern European Languages (MA)
           Molecular Biology (BSc)
           Music (BMus)
           Music Technology (BMus)
           Neuroscience (BSc)
           Nursing Studies (BN)
           Oral Health Sciences (BSc)
           Persian & Politics (MA)
           Persian & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Pharmacology (BSc)
           Philosophy & Economics (MA)
           Philosophy & English Language (MA)
           Philosophy & English or Scottish Literature (MA)
           Philosophy & Greek (MA)
           Philosophy & Linguistics (MA)
           Philosophy & Mathematics (MA)
           Philosophy & Politics (MA)
           Philosophy & Psychology (MA)
           Philosophy & Theology (MA)
           Philosophy (MA)
           Physical Education (BEd)
           Physics & Music (BSc)
           Physics (BSc)
           Physics (MPhys)
           Physics with Meteorology (BSc)
           Physiology (BSc)
           Plant Science (BSc)
           Politics & Economic & Social History (MA)
           Politics (MA)
           Primary Education (BEd)
           Psychology & Business Studies (MA)
           Psychology & Linguistics (MA)
           Psychology (BSc)
           Psychology (MA)
           Religious Studies & English Literature (MA)
           Religious Studies (general) (BA)
           Religious Studies (honours) (MA)
           Reproductive Biology (BSc)
           Russian Studies & Business Studies (MA)
           Russian Studies & Classics (MA)
           Russian Studies & English Language (MA)
           Russian Studies & English Literature (MA)
           Russian Studies & History (MA)
           Russian Studies & History of Art (MA)
           Russian Studies & Linguistics (MA)
           Russian Studies & Philosophy (MA)
           Russian Studies & Politics (MA)
           Russian Studies & Social Policy (MA)
           Russian Studies (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & Classics (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & English Language (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & English Literature (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & History (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & Linguistics (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & Philosophy (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & Politics (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies & Social Policy (MA)
           Scandinavian Studies (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & Archaeology (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & Celtic (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & English Language (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & English Literature (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & Scandinavian Studies (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & Scottish History (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology & Scottish Literature (MA)
           Scottish Ethnology (MA)
           Scottish History (MA)
           Scottish Literature & Scottish History (MA)
           Scottish Literature (MA)
           Scottish Studies (MA)
           Social & Architectural History (MA)
           Social Anthropology & Politics (MA)
           Social Anthropology & Social Policy (MA)
           Social Anthropology (MA)
           Social Anthropology with Development (MA)
           Social Anthropology with Social History (MA)
           Social Anthropology with South Asian Studies (MA)
           Social History (MA)
           Social Policy & Economics (MA)
           Social Policy & Law (MA)
           Social Policy & Politics (MA)
           Social Policy & Social and Economic History (MA)
           Social Policy & Sociology (MA)
           Social Policy with Social and Political Studies (MA)
           Social Work (BSc)
           Sociology & Politics (MA)
           Sociology & Psychology (MA)
           Sociology & Social and Economic History (MA)
           Sociology & Social Anthropology (MA)
           Sociology (MA)
           Sociology with South Asian Studies (MA)
           Software Engineering (BEng)
           Software Engineering with Management (BEng)
           Spanish & Business Studies (MA)
           Spanish & Classics (MA)
           Spanish & English Language (MA)
           Spanish & English Literature (MA)
           Spanish & History (MA)
           Spanish & History of Art (MA)
           Spanish & Linguistics (MA)
           Spanish & Philosophy (MA)
           Spanish & Politics (MA)
           Spanish & Portuguese (MA)
           Spanish & Portuguese with European Union Studies (MA)
           Spanish & Social Policy (MA)
           Spanish (MA)
           Sport & Recreation Management (BSc)
           Structural and Fire Safety Engineering (BEng)
           Structural and Fire Safety Engineering (MEng)
           Structural Engineering with Architecture (BEng)
           Structural Engineering with Architecture (MEng)
           Veterinary Medicine (5-year course) (BVM&S)
           Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry Programme - 4-year course) (BVM&S)
           Zoology (BSc)
Postgraduate Taught Courses
           Academic Practice
           Accounting & Finance
           Acoustics & Music Technology
           Additional Support for Learning (Bilingual Learners)
           Additional Support for Learning (Deaf Education)
           Additional Support for Learning (Inclusive Education)
           Additional Support for Learning (Learning Disabilities)
           Additional Support for Learning (Pupil Support)
           Additional Support for Learning (Specific Learning Difficulties)
           Additional Support for Learning (Visual Impairment)
           Advanced Professional Studies (Adult Protection)
           Advanced Professional Studies (Criminal Justice)
           Advanced Social Work Studies (Mental Health)
           Advanced Sustainable Design
           Advancing Nursing Practice
           Africa and International Development
           Africa and International Development (Distance Learning)
           African Studies
           American History
           American Literature
           Anaesthesia Practice
           Ancient Philosophy
           Animal Biosciences
           Anthropology of Health and Illness
           Applied Animal Behaviour & Animal Welfare
           Applied Linguistics
           Applied Psychology (Healthcare) For Children And Young People
           Arab World Studies
           Archaeological Science
           Architectural and Urban Design
           Architectural Facilities Management (Distance Learning)
           Architectural Project Management (Distance Learning)
           Architecture (MSc by Research)
           Architecture, Master of (ARB/RIBA Part 2)
           Art in the Global Middle Ages
           Artificial Intelligence
           Biblical Studies
           Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants
           Biodiversity, Wildlife & Ecosystem Health (online distance learning)
           Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)
           Business Administration in International Business, Master of (Full Time)
           Business Administration, Master of (Full Time)
           Business Administration, Master of (Modular)
           Carbon Capture & Storage
           Carbon Finance
           Carbon Management
           Cardiovascular Biology
           Celtic Studies
           Chartered Teacher Status: the Master of Teaching
           Childhood Studies
           Children & Young People's Mental Health and Psychological Practice
           Chinese Studies
           Classical Art and Archaeology
           Clinical Education (online distance learning)
           Clinical Psychology
           Cognition in Science and Society
           Cognitive Ageing Research Methods for Medical Scientists (online distance learning)
           Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Young People
           Cognitive Science
           Commercial Law
           Community Education
           Comparative & General Literature
           Comparative and European Private Law
           Comparative Public Policy
           Competition Law and Innovation
           Composition for Screen
           Computer Science
           Counselling (Continuing Professional Practice)
           Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue)
           Counselling Studies
           Counselling Studies (MSc by Research)
           Criminology & Criminal Justice
           Critical Theory
           Cultural Studies
           Dance Science & Education
           Dental Primary Care
           Design & Digital Media
           Developing Educational Leadership and Learning
           Developmental Linguistics
           Diaspora and Migration History
           Digital Animation
           Digital Composition & Performance
           Digital Media & Culture
           Digital Studio Practice
           Drug Discovery and Translational Biology
           Early Keyboard Performance Studies
           Ecological Economics
           Economic and Social History
           Economics/Economics (Finance) - Scottish Graduate Programme
           Ecosystem Services
           Education (Doctor of)
           Education (MSc Educational Research)
           Education: Language, Theory, Practice & Literacy
           Educational Leadership
           Educational Leadership and Management (including the Scottish Qualification for Headship Diploma)
           Electronics: Analogue System Design
           English Language
           English Language (MSc by Research)
           English Literature: Creative Writing
           English Literature: Literature & Society: 1688-1900
           English Literature: Literature and Modernity: 1900 to the Present
           English Literature: Medieval Literature in Scotland and England
           English Literature: Postcolonial Literature
           English Literature: Renaissance Literature
           English Literature: Romanticism
           English Literature: Scottish Literature
           English Literature: US Literature - Culture & Value: Revolution to Empire
           English Literature: Victorian Literature
           Enlightenment Studies
           Environment & Development
           Environment, Culture and Society
           Environmental Protection & Management
           Environmental Sustainability
           Equine Science (online distance learning)
           European Archaeology
           European Law
           European Studies
           European Theatre
           European Union Politics and Law
           Evolution of Language & Cognition
           Exploration Geophysics
           Film in the Public Space
           Film Studies
           Finance & Investment
           Financial Mathematics
           Financial Modelling and Optimization
           First Millennium Studies
           Food Security
           Forensic Anthropology
           Gender History
           General Practice
           General Surgery (Online Distance Learning)
           Genomics and Pathway Biology
           Geographical Information Science
           Geographical Information Science & Society (MSc by Research)
           Geographical Information Science (MSc by Research)
           GeoSciences [individual project] (MSc by Research)
           Global and International Sociology
           Global Crime, Justice and Security
           Global Environment and Climate Change Law
           Global Health & Anthropology
           Global Health and Infectious Diseases (online distance learning)
           Global Health and Public Policy
           Global Health Studies (online distance learning)
           Global Health: Non Communicable Diseases (online distance learning)
           Health Inequalities and Public Policy
           Health Informatics (online distance learning)
           Health Information Governance (online distance learning)
           Health Studies
           Health Systems and Public Policy
           Hellenistic World
           High Performance Computing
           Highland Studies
           History and Theory of Psychology
           History of Art
           History of Art, Theory and Display
           Human Anatomy
           Human Cognitive Neuropsychology
           Human Geography
           Human Osteoarchaeology
           Inclusive and Special Education
           Infectious Diseases
           Information Technology Law (Distance Learning)
           Innovation, Technology & the Law
           Innovation, Technology & the Law (Distance Learning)
           Integrated Resource Management
           Integrated Service Improvement: Health and Social Care
           Intellectual History
           Intellectual Property Law
           Intellectual Property Law (Distance Learning)
           Interdisciplinary Creative Practices
           Internal Medicine (Online Distance Learning)
           International and European Politics
           International Animal Health (online distance learning)
           International Business & Emerging Markets
           International Development
           International Economic Law
           International Law
           International Political Theory
           International Relations
           International Relations of the Middle East
           International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic
           Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies
           Japanese Culture
           Landscape, Environment & History
           Language Teaching
           Law and Chinese
           Linguistics (MSc by Research)
           Literary Translation as Creative Practice
           Literature and Transatlanticism
           Management of Training & Development
           Marketing & Business Analysis
           Material and Visual Cultures of the Past
           Material Cultures and the History of the Book
           Materials Chemistry
           Media, Culture & Practice
           Medical Law and Ethics (Distance Learning)
           Medical Sciences
           Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
           Medieval History
           Medieval Studies
           Mediterranean Archaeology
           Middle Eastern Diasporas
           Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition
           Modern Art: History, Curating & Criticism
           Modern British and Irish History
           Modern Chinese Cultural Studies
           Multi-level and Regional Politics
           Multi-level and Regional Politics (MSc by Research)
           Music in the Community
           Musical Instrument Research
           Nationalism Studies
           Neuroimaging for Research (online distance learning)
           Nursing Studies (MSc by Research)
           One Health
           Operational Research
           Operational Research with Computational Optimization
           Operational Research with Energy
           Operational Research with Finance
           Operational Research with Risk
           Oral Surgery
           Outdoor Education
           Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education
           Paediatric Dentistry
           Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Online Distance Learning)
           Pain Management (online distance learning)
           Performance Psychology
           Personal and Social Outdoor Education
           Petroleum Geoscience
           Philosophy (MSc by Research)
           Philosophy (MSc/Dip)
           Physical Education (3-14)
           Policy Studies
           Practice in Government and Public Policy
           Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary)
           Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
           Professional Legal Practice (Diploma)
           Psychological Research (MSc/Dip)
           Psychology (MSc by Research)
           Psychology of Individual Differences
           Psychology of Language
           Psychotherapy and Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue)
           Public Health
           Public Health Policy (MSc by Research)
           Public Policy (Master of )
           Quantitative Cell and Molecular Imaging
           Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis
           Reflective Design Practices
           Religious Studies
           Renaissance to Enlightenment
           Reproductive Biology
           Russian Studies
           Scandinavian Studies
           Science and Religion
           Science and Technology Policy and Management
           Science and Technology Studies
           Science, Technology and International Development
           Scientific Computing
           Scottish Art and Visual Culture 1750-2000
           Scottish Ethnology
           Scottish History
           Scottish History (MSc by Research)
           Scottish Studies
           Signal Processing & Communications
           Slavery and Forced Labour studies
           Social and Cultural History
           Social Anthropology
           Social Research
           Social Work (MSW)
           Socio-Cultural Studies
           Sociology and Anthropology of Health & Illness
           Sound Design
           Sound Design (MSc/Dip by Research)
           Sound Environments
           South Asia and International Development
           Speech & Language Processing
           Sport & Recreation Business Management
           Statistics and Operational Research
           Strength and Conditioning
           Structural & Fire Safety Engineering
           Structural Engineering & Mechanics
           Surgical Sciences (online distance learning)
           Sustainable Energy Systems
           Swimming Science
           Systems and Synthetic Biology
           Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
           The City
           The Second World War in Europe
           Theology in History
           Theoretical Linguistics (MSc by Research)
           Transdisciplinary Documentary Film
           Transfusion, Transplantation and Tissue Banking
           Translation Studies
           Translational Medicine (online distance learning)
           Veterinary Science
           Viking Studies
           World Christianity
Postgraduate Research Programs
           African Studies
           Algebra and Number Theory
           Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine
           Applied and Computational Mathematics
           Canadian Studies
           Cell Biology
           Celtic and Scottish Studies
           Centre for Intelligent Systems & their Applications
           Child Life and Health
           Christian Ethics and Practical Theology
           Clinical & Health Psychology
           Clinical Brain Sciences/Clinical Neurosciences
           Cognitive and Neural Systems
           Comparative Literature
           Condensed Matter
           Counselling Studies
           Creative Music Practice
           Cultural Studies
           Digital Communications
           Earth & Planetary Science
           Ecclesiastical History
           Economic and Social History
           Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre
           Edinburgh Earth Observatory
           Energy Systems
           English Literature
           Environmental Sustainability
           European Theatre
           Evolutionary Biology
           Film Studies
           General Practice
           Geometry and Topology
           Geriatric Medicine
           Global Change
           Global Health
           Hebrew and Old Testament Studies
           Hispanic Studies
           History of Art
           Human Geography
           Immunology & Infection Research
           Infectious Diseases
           Informatics Life-Sciences Institute
           Infrastructure & the Environment
           Institute for Adaptive & Neural Computation
           Institute for Communicating & Collaborative Systems
           Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
           Institute of Perception, Action & Behaviour
           Integrated Micro & Nano Systems (IMNS)
           Integrative Physiology
           International Public Health Policy
           Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES)
           Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
           Linguistics & English Language
           Materials & Processes
           Mathematical Physics
           Medical Physics and Medical Engineering
           Medieval Studies
           Molecular and Optical Physics
           Molecular Medicine
           Molecular Plant Sciences
           Neuroinformatics & Computational Neuroscience Doctoral Training Centre
           New Testament Language, Literature and Theology
           Nuclear Physics
           Nursing Studies
           Oncology Physics
           Operational Research and Optimization
           Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine
           Particle Physics
           Pathway Medicine
           Politics & International Relations
           Probability & Stochastic Analysis
           Public Health Sciences
           Regenerative Medicine
           Rehabilitation Studies
           Religious Studies
           Reproductive and Developmental Science
           Respiratory Medicine
           Scandinavian Studies
           Science, Technology and Innovation Studies
           Scottish Ethnology
           Scottish History
           Social Anthropology
           Social Policy
           Social Work
           South Asian Studies
           Speech Technology Research (Centre for)
           Stem Cell Research
           Structural & Molecular Biology
           Systematic Theology
           Transdisciplinary Documentary Film
           Translation Studies
           Veterinary Medicine
           World Christianity

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