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University of Alberta
English Name: University of Alberta
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: Canada
Found Year: 1908
Address: University of Alberta - Office of Public Affairs, 6th floor, General Services Building, University of Alberta

   The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s top teaching and research universities, with an international reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, engineering, and health sciences.  Home to more than 38,000 students and 15,000 faculty and staff, the university has an annual budget of more than $1.4 billion and attracts more than $498 million in external research funding. It offers close to 400 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in 18 faculties on five campuses. Offering a wide array of programs and extra-curricular activities, the University of Alberta provides students with multiple opportunities to discover and explore their particular passions, talents, and skills.   Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the U of A boasts the best university theatre program in Canada, the country’s second-largest library, a vibrant  medical school and teaching hospital, a highly ranked business school, and programs in energy and environment that address today’s most pressing concerns.  The U of A is also the only university in western Canada that offers French-language and bilingual bachelor degrees at its Campus Saint-Jean, while student looking for the small campus liberal arts, residential experience, can find it at the U of A’s Augustana Campus, about 95 kilometres south of Edmonton. Students study—and excel—under the leadership of many of Canada’s best teachers and world-class researchers, including 34 winners of the nation’s top award for undergraduate teaching. Since its founding in 1908, 64 U of A students have become Rhodes Scholars. U of A alumni have served the public at the highest levels as Governor General, Prime Minister, Premier, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. They have become leaders in major Canadian media corporations—from the CBC to the Globe and Mail.  They have built global companies such as Stantec, PCL, Syncrude, Dofasco, EnCana and Giordano International, China’s largest retailer of casual clothing. Dedicated to the pursuit of truth for the “uplifting of the whole people,” U of A researchers have been at the forefront of research innovation for over a century.  Examples of research breakthroughs include:  Robert W Boyle’s invention of sonar during the First World War; James Collip’s refinement of insulin with the Nobel-prize winning team of Frederick Banting, Charles Best and John MacLeod; Karl Clark’s discovery of a method to separate bitumen from oil sands; Ray Rajotte’s Islet Transplantation Group’s development of the Edmonton Protocol for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes; and Lorne Tyrrell’s discovery of the world's first oral antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis B. Whether it's partnering with NASA to measure the wind on Mars, doing world-renowned research on water ecology that has saved thousands of lakes around the world, producing the first full scholarly history of women's writing in the British Isles, or making breakthroughs in obesity or cardiac research, the U of A is leading the way. At the University of Alberta, we seek to be a place where individuals can become extraordinary leaders, transformed by world-class research and learning that advances knowledge, solves problems, and enriches human experience. Our vision is to inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world’s great universities for the public good.

Total Enrollment:34773
           International Students:6053(17%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:28663
           International Students:2929(10%)
Graduate Enrollment:6110
           International Students:3124(51%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Active Living, Health and Well-Being
           Activity and Nutrition
           Adapted Physical Activity
           Advanced Placement
           Agricultural and Resource Economics
           Agricultural Business Management
           Ancient and Medieval History
           Animal Biology
           Animal Science
           Applied Mathematics
           Art and Design
           Atmospheric Sciences
           Biological Sciences
           Biological Sciences
           Biological Sciences - Bioinformatics
           Biological Sciences - Microbiology
           Business and Marketing Route
           Business Economics and Law
           Business Studies
           Career and Technology Studies: Business and Technology
           Career and Technology Studies: Business, Administration, Finance
           Career and Technology Studies: Communication Arts
           Career and Technology Studies: Computer Science
           Career and Technology Studies: Design
           Career and Technology Studies: Health
           Career and Technology Studies: Human Ecology
           Career and Technology Studies: Human Ecology
           Career and Technology Studies: Human Sciences
           Career and Technology Studies: Media
           Career and Technology Studies: Natural Resources
           Career and Technology Studies: Recreation
           Career and Technology Studies: Resources
           Career and Technology Studies: Technology Education
           Career and Technology Studies: Trades, Manufacturing, and Transportation
           Cell Biology
           Chemical Engineering
           Chemical Engineering - Biomedical Option
           Chemical Engineering - Computer Process Control Option
           Chemical Engineering: Oil Sands Option
           Chinese Language and Literature
           Chinese Studies
           Civil Engineering
           Civil Engineering - Biomedical Option
           Civil Engineering - Environmental Option
           Classical Language
           Classical Studies
           Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture
           Coaching Studies
           Combined Chinese and Japanese
           Combined Classics, Greek and Latin
           Combined French and Italian
           Combined French and Spanish
           Combined German and Scandinavian
           Combined History and Classics
           Combined Italian and Spanish
           Combined Polish and Russian
           Combined Polish and Ukrainian
           Combined Russian and Ukrainian
           Community Practice
           Companion and Performance Animals
           Comparative Literature
           Composition and Theory
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Engineering - Nanoscale System Design Option
           Computer Engineering - Software Option
           Computing Science
           Computing Science - Bioinformatics
           Computing Science - Software Practice
           Computing Science Route
           Computing Science with Business
           Conservation Biology
           Conservation Biology
           Creative Writing
           Crop Science
           Cultural and Managerial Studies of Sport and Leisure
           Dental Hygiene Specialization
           Distribution Management
           Doctor of Dental Surgery
           Doctor of Medicine
           Drama - Acting
           Drama and Education
           Drama and Secondary Education
           Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
           East Asian Language and Literature
           East Asian Studies
           East Asian Studies
           Educational Policy Studies
           Educational Psychology
           Electrical Engineering
           Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Option
           Electrical Engineering - Nanoengineering Option
           Elementary Education
           Engineering - Faculté Saint-Jean Cohort
           Engineering Physics
           Engineering Physics - Nanoengineering Option
           Engineering Route
           English Language Arts
           Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
           Environmental Earth Sciences
           Environmental Economics and Policy
           Environmental Studies
           Environmental Studies
           European Studies
           Evolutionary Biology
           Family Ecology
           Film Studies
           Food Animals
           Food Business Management
           Food Safety and Quality
           Food Science and Technology
           Forest Business Management
           Forest Management
           French Language
           French Language and Literature
           German Language and Literature
           German Language and Literature
           German Studies
           German Studies
           Germanic Languages
           Germanic Languages
           Global and Developmental Studies - Interdisciplinary
           History of Art, Design and Visual Culture
           Home Economics
           Hospital Practice
           Human Dimensions of Environmental Management
           Human Dimensions of Environmental Management
           Human Geography
           Human Resource Management
           Human Resources Management
           Immunology and Infection
           Industrial Arts Education
           Industrial Education Vocational
           International Business
           Italian Studies
           Japanese Language and Literature
           Japanese Studies
           Juris Doctor
           Land Reclamation
           Latin American Studies
           Latin American Studies
           Latin Language and Literature
           Management and Organization
           Management and Organization
           Management Information Systems
           Management Science
           Materials Engineering
           Materials Engineering - Biomedical Option
           Materials Engineering - Nano and Functional Materials Option
           Mathematical Physics
           Mathematical Sciences
           Mathematics - Computational Science
           Mathematics and Economics
           Mathematics and Finance
           Mathematics and Physics
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering - Biomedical Option
           Middle Eastern and African Studies
           Mining Engineering
           Molecular Genetics
           Music and Elementary Education
           Music and Elementary Education
           Music and Secondary Education
           Music History
           Native Studies
           Natural Resources, Energy and The Environment
           Nutrition and Food
           Operations Management
           Operations Management
           Organizational Studies
           Petroleum Engineering
           Physical Activity and Sport Performance
           Physical Education
           Physical Education and Elementary Education
           Physical Education and Secondary Education
           Physical Education and Secondary Education
           Physical Sciences
           Physical Sciences
           Physiology and Developmental Biology
           Plant Biology
           Political Science
           Pre-Veterinary Medicine
           Printmaking Route
           Range and Pasture Management
           Recreation and Sport Tourism
           Religious Studies
           Religious Studies - Eastern and Native American Religious Traditions
           Religious Studies - Thematic Studies
           Religious Studies - Western Religious Traditions
           Retailing and Services
           Romance Languages
           Russian Language and Literature
           Scandinavian Language and Literature
           School Music
           Science and Education - Biological Sciences
           Science and Education - Biological Sciences
           Science and Education - Mathematical Sciences
           Science and Education - Mathematical Sciences
           Science and Education - Physical Sciences
           Science and Education - Physical Sciences
           Science, Technology and Society
           Second Languages - Cree
           Second Languages - French
           Second Languages - German
           Second Languages - Italian
           Second Languages - Japanese
           Second Languages - Other
           Second Languages - Spanish
           Second Languages - Ukrainian
           Secondary Education
           Social Sciences Route
           Social Studies
           Spanish Language and Literature
           Statistics and Applied Probability
           Sustainable Agricultural Systems
           Technical Theatre
           Technical Theatre - Stage Management
           Technical Theatre and Costume
           Technical Theatre and Production
           Ukrainian Folklore
           Ukrainian Language and Literature
           Wildlife and Rangeland Resources Management
           Wildlife Management and Pastures
           Women'S History
           Women'S Studies
           World Music
Graduate Programs
           Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science
           Art and Design
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Engineering
           Cell Biology
           Chemical and Materials Engineering
           Civil and Environmental Engineering
           Communications and Technology
           Comparative Literature
           Computing Science
           Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
           East Asian Studies
           Educational Policy Studies
           Educational Psychology
           Educational Studies
           Electrical and Computer Engineering
           Elementary Education
           Health Promotion Studies
           Health Sciences Education
           History and Classics
           Human Ecology
           Humanities Computing
           Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
           Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Genetics
           Medical Microbiology and Immunology
           Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
           Obstetrics and Gynecology
           Occupational Therapy
           Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Physical Education and Recreation
           Physical Therapy
           Political Science
           Public Health Sciences
           Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
           Rehabilitation Medicine
           Religious Studies
           Renewable Resources
           Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
           Secondary Education
           Speech Pathology and Audiology

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