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University of Birmingham
English Name: University of Birmingham
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1900
Address: Edgbaston Park Road

At Birmingham we offer an inspiring educational experience.  An original "redbrick" university and founding member of the Russell Group of institutions, we are home to approximately 28,000 students.  The University is a truly vibrant, global community and is internationally-renowned, incorporating over 5,000 international students from nearly 150 countries around the world. Named as the University of the Year by The Times and The Sunday Times in 2013-14, this accolade is testament to quality of work that takes place at Birmingham.


Outstanding research that informs teaching

From 1900 to the present day, Birmingham has been leading the way in research and education.The University is an internationally powerful, research-led institution and as well as our commitment to providing excellent teaching, academic staff are engaged in a wide range of research that has created a major positive impact across the globe. 


Birmingham is the national hub for an innovative STEM programme, a national initiative to promote interest in science, technology, engineering and maths among young people and enhance higher level skills in the workplace. We are the first link in a chain of Cancer Research UK Centres,  our academics are taking the lead on the ATLAS Project at the Large Hadron Collider, and a transformational gift of £15 million in 2013 means that we are establishing an Institute for Forest Research which will study the impact of environmental change on woodlands.  These are just some of the highlights that place Birmingham at the forefront of 21st century research.


You will be studying at the heart of our academic community, alongside a challenging, international academy of over 2,000 individuals, many of whom are global experts in their field.  This means that your studies will include all the latest approaches, thinking and understanding.


Our campus

The 250-acre parkland campus in Edgbaston provides a safe, friendly environment and has all the facilities you would expect to find: bars, cafes, shops, a sports centre, banks, art gallery, botanical gardens, doctor’s surgery, dental practice and its own railway station - all the facilities you need to support your learning, social life, sporting and other interests while at university.


The University is just far enough from Birmingham city centre to enjoy the benefits of campus life, but close enough to be within easy reach of all the amenities of one of the UK's largest cities. Birmingham is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with one of the youngest populations in Europe, boasting the largest public library in Europe, a redeveloped transport hub and the famous Bullring shopping centre.


Preparing you for success

At Birmingham you’ll have access to a wealth of opportunities in which to develop life and leadership skills that employers recognise as the hallmark of a high quality graduate. You will have access to specialised careers advice based in your academic area, benefit from our vast alumni network in the form of mentoring, and have the opportunity to undertake internship and/or work experience placements.


Our representative offices and staff in Delhi, India; Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China; and Chicago in the United States, as well as our membership of the U21 global network and partnership working in Brazil, ensures that the University is well connected and measures success against international standards.

Total Enrollment:23840
           International Students:4619(19%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:17933
           International Students:1901(11%)
Graduate Enrollment:5907
           International Students:2718(46%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting and Finance
           American and Canadian Studies and Film
           American and Canadian Studies
           Business and American Studies
           Business Management
           Business Management with Communications
           Cancer Sciences
           Chemical Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Classics and Ancient History
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine
           Computer Science
           Disability,Inclusion and Special Needs
           Drama and English
           Drama and Theatre
           Drama and Theatre Arts
           Economics with Central and East European Studies
           Economics with Italian
           Economics with Japanese
           Economics with Portuguese
           Economics with Russianstudies
           Economics with Spanish
           Education and Social Justice
           Electronic,Electrical and Computer Engineering
           English and American Literature
           English with Creative Writing
           English Language
           English Language and Literature
           European Politics,Society and Economics
           Geography,Earth and Environmental Sciences
           Health and Population Sciences
           History Of Art
           Immunity and Infection
           International Business
           International Business with Communications
           International Business with Language
           International Relations
           International Relations with Economics
           International Relations with French
           International Relations with German
           International Relations with Politicalscience
           International Relations with Spanish
           Language, Discourse and Society
           Llb with Business
           Llb with French
           Llb with German
           Mathematical Economics and Statistics
           Mechanical Engineering
           Metallurgy and Materials
           Modern Languages
           Money,Banking and Finance
           Money,Banking and Finance with German
           Money,Banking and Finance with Italian
           Money,Banking and Finance with Portugese
           Money,Banking and Finance with Spanish
           Philosophy,Religion and Ethics
           Physics and Astronomy
           Political Economy
           Political Science
           Professional Education
           Russian Studies
           Russian Studies with Central and East European Studies
           Social Policy
           Social Work
           Sport and Exercise Sciences
           Sport Pedagogy
           Theology and Religion
           West African Studies
Graduate Programs
           Aid Management
           American and Canadian History, Contemporary Politics and International Relations
           American and Canadian Literature and Culture
           Applied Linguistics
           Applied Social Research Doctorate
           Byzantine,Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
           Cancer Sciences
           Chemical Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Classics and Ancient History
           Clinical and Experimental Medicine
           Community Justice
           Computer Science
           Contemporary English Literature
           Corpus Linguistics
           Creative Fields
           Development Economics
           Directing and Dramaturgy
           Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs
           Discourse,Culture and Communication
           Early Modern English Literature, Including Shakespeare
           Economic Competitiveness and International Business
           Economic Policy
           Economic Policy and International Business
           Education and Social Justice
           Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
           Electronic Scholarly Editing
           English Language and Applied Linguistics
           English Literature
           Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
           European MBA
           European Research
           Evangelical and Charismatic Studies
           Film and Television
           Gender Studies
           Geography,Earth and Environmental Sciences
           German Studies 
           Global Ethics
           Graduate Diplomain Business Administration
           Health  Care Policy and Management
           Health and Populationsciences
           Health Services Management
           History Of Art
           History Of Christianity
           Human Resources and Development Management
           Human Resource Management
           Human Rights and Human Values
           Immunity and Infection
           Inter-Religious Relations
           International Accounting and Finance
           International Business
           International Development
           International Development 
           International Economics
           International Marketing
           International Money and Banking
           Islamic Studies
           Language, Discourse and Society
           Leadership and Management For Social Care
           Leadership For Health Services Improvement
           Leading Public Service Change and Organisational Development
           Literary Linguistics
           Literature and Culture
           Literature and Film
           Local Government and Public Policy
           Local Government Studies
           Managing Partnerships In Health and Social Care
           Marketing Communications
           Mathematical Finance
           MBA Corporate Governance and Responsibility
           MBA Global Banking and Finance
           MBA International Business
           MBA Strategy and Procurement Management
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medieval English Literature
           Metallurgy and Materials
           Modern English Language,Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
           Modern Languages
           Money, Banking and Finance
           New Migration and Social Policy
           Pentecostal and Charismaticstudies
           Philosophy of Health and Happiness
           Philosophy of Language and Linguistics
           Philosophy of Mind and Cognitivescience
           Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
           Physics and Astronomy
           Policy Into Practice
           Political Science and International Studies
           Practical Theology Doctorate 
           Practice-Based Research In Drama
           Professional Education
           Public Economic Management and Finance
           Public Service Commissioning
           Quaker Studies
           Religion and Culture
           Russian and East European Studies
           Shakespeare and Theatre
           Shakespeare In Education
           Shakespeare Studies
           Sikh Studies
           Social Policy
           Social Research (Social Work and Professional Practice)
           Social Work
           Sport and Exercisesciences
           Sport Pedagogy
           Strategic Marketing and Consulting
           Theatre and Performance History
           Theology and Religion  (Asian Religion Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Biblical Studies Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Contemporary Religion and Society Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Intercultural and Practical Theology Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Islam and Christian–Muslimrelations Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Jewish and Holocaust Studies Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Modern Theology Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Philosophy of Religion Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (Quaker Studies Specialism)
           Theology and Religion  (South Asian Religion Specialism)
           Transatlantic Studies
           Translation Studies
           West African Studies
Doctoral Programs
           Accounting and Finance
           Economics with Spanish

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