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University of California, Santa Barbara
English Name: University of California, Santa Barbara
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: USA
Found Year: 1909
Address: University of California

In just six decades as a campus of the University of California, UC Santa Barbara has become internationally recognized as a leading center for teaching and research, distinguished by its interdisciplinary programs and a commitment to innovation.  Once a small, independent teachers college, UCSB today is an integral part of the ten-campus University of California system.  With an enrollment of approximately 21,500 students, some 18,500 of them undergraduates, and a faculty of nearly 1,100, UCSB is a campus of cutting-edge intellectual activity that spans the academic spectrum. UC Santa Barbara offers more than 200 majors, degrees, and credentials through three colleges (Creative Studies, Engineering, and Letters and Science) and two professional schools (the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education).  UCSB has a tradition of emphasizing both undergraduate and graduate programs in a friendly and collegial environment in which students, staff, and faculty members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives explore and learn together. In 1995, UCSB was elected to the prestigious 62-member Association of American Universities, placing it in the top 2 percent of all colleges and universities in North America.  The campus is now home to twelve national research centers, nine of them supported by the National Science Foundation.  The quality and stature of undergraduate programs are highly ranked. U.S. News & World Report includes UC Santa Barbara among the top 50 National universities in the country and ranks it number ten among all public institutions.  Twice in recent years, UCSB was named one of the “hottest colleges” in the country by the popular Newsweek guide to colleges.  “If there’s a more beautiful campus than this one at the edge of the Pacific, we haven’t seen it,” said Newsweek. The faculty now includes six winners of Nobel Prizes (in chemistry, economics, and physics).  All were awarded since 1998.  UCSB's faculty also includes scores of elected members or fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as winners of the National Humanities Medal, National Medal of Science, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize, and dozens of Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships. Located on the coast approximately 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the 1,055-acre campus is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains.  The campus has 7.8 million square feet of buildings occupying a picturesque palm- and eucalyptus-lined promontory overlooking the Pacific.  The expanding physical plant includes new buildings for engineering, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and recreation.  The University houses more than 8,000 students in residence halls and apartments located on the Main and Storke campuses and in University-owned facilities in Isla Vista; most of the rest live in the adjacent bustling student community of Isla Vista. Cultural and recreational opportunities abound in the nearby cities of Goleta and Santa Barbara, which together form a vibrant and welcoming community with a deep concern for history, the arts, and the environment.  For additional information, please visit UCSB’s website at

Total Enrollment:22386
           International Students:795(4%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:19468
           International Students:267(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:2918
           International Students:528(18%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Anthropology- Cultural Anthropology
           Anthropology- Physical Anthropology
           Aquatic Biology
           Art History- Architecture and Environment
           Art History- Non-Western Art
           Art- Book Arts
           Art- Painting
           Art- Sculpture
           Asian American Studies
           Asian Studies
           Biochemistry-Molecular Biology
           Biological Sciences, EEMB
           Biological Sciences, MCDB
           Black Studies
           Business Economics- Accounting
           Cell and Developmental Biology
           Chemical Engineering
           Chicana and Chicano Studies
           Chinese- Classical Chinese
           Chinese- Mandarin Chinese
           Classics- Archaeology
           Classics- Civilization
           Classics- Language and Literature
           Comparative Literature- Foreign Language
           Comparative Literature- Interdisciplinary
           Computer Engineering
           Computer Science
           Computer Science
           Computer Science- Computational Biology
           Computer Science- Computational Economics
           Computer Science- Computational Geography
           Ecology and Evolution
           Electrical Engineering
           Environmental Studies
           Film and Media Studies
           Financial Mathematics and Statistics
           Geography- Geographic Information Science
           Geological Sciences- Earth Systems
           Geological Sciences- Geographic Information Science
           Geological Sciences- Paleobiology
           Geological Scienceswith optional emphasis in Science Education
           Global Studies
           History of Public Policy
           Hydrologic Sciences and Policy- Biology and Ecology
           Hydrologic Sciences and Policy- Physical & Chemical Policy
           Interdisciplinary Studies
           Italian Studies
           Latin American and Iberian Studies
           Linguistics- Chinese
           Linguistics- English
           Linguistics- French
           Linguistics- German
           Linguistics- Japanese
           Linguistics- Slavic
           Linguistics- Sociocultural Linguistics
           Linguistics- Spanish
           Mathematical Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medieval Studies
           Middle East Studies
           Music- Accompanying
           Music- Bassoon
           Music- Cello
           Music- Clarinet
           Music- Composition
           Music- Double Bass
           Music- Ethnomusicology
           Music- Flute
           Music- French Horn
           Music- Guitar
           Music- Oboe
           Music- Percussion
           Music- Piano
           Music- Trombone
           Music- Trumpet
           Music- Tuba
           Music- Viola
           Music- Violin
           Music- Voice
           Philosophy- Core Philosophy
           Philosophy- Ethics and Public Policy
           Physical Geography
           Political Science- International Relations
           Political Science- Public Service
           Psychological & Brain Sciences
           Religious Studies
           Renaissance Studies
           Slavic Languages and Literatures
           Speech and Hearing Sciences
           Statistical Science
           Statistical Science- Actuarial Statistics
           Statistical Science- Applied Statistics
           Statistical Science- Probability and Statistics
           Theater- Acting
           Theater- Directing
           Theater- Dramatic Literature, Theory, and Theatre History
           Theater- Playwriting
           Theater- Theatre Design and Technology
           Women's Studies
Graduate Programs
           Anthropology with optional emphases Ph.D. in: Global Studies
           Anthropology with optional emphases Ph.D. in: Human Development
           Anthropology with optional emphases Ph.D. in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Anthropology with optional emphases Ph.D. in: Technology and Society
           Anthropology with optional emphases Ph.D. in: Women's Studies
           Applied Mathematics
           Art History with optional Ph.D.emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           Art History with optional Ph.D.emphases in: Women's Studies
           Art Studio
           Asian Studies with optional emphasis in: East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
           Biochemistry-Molecular Biology with optional Ph.D. emphasis in: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
           Biochemistry-Molecular Biology with optional Ph.D. emphasis in: Bioengineering and Biomaterials
           Chemical Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Computational Science and Engineering
           Chicano Studies
           Classics with emphases in: Ancient History
           Classics with emphases in: Literature and Theory
           Communication with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Human Development
           Communication with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Communication with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Technology and Society
           Comparative Literature with optional Ph.D. emphases in: East Asian Literatures
           Comparative Literature with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Computer Science  M.S., Ph.D.- Computational Science and Engineering
           Computer Science  M.S., Ph.D.- Technology & Society
           Counseling Psychology
           Counseling Psychology  M.A.
           Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology  Ph.D. with emphases in: Clinical Psychology
           Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology  Ph.D. with emphases in: Counseling Psychology
           Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology  Ph.D. with emphases in: School Psychology
           Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
           Economics with optional M.A. emphasis in: Business Economics
           Economics with optional M.A. emphasis in: Education
           Education Leadership
           Education with emphases in: Child and Adolescent Development
           Education with emphases in: Cultural Perspectives of Education
           Education with emphases in: Educational Leadership and Organizations
           Education with emphases in: Research Methodology
           Education with emphases in: School Psychology
           Education with emphases in: Special Education, Disabilities and Risk Studies
           Education with emphases in: Teaching
           Electrical and Computer Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Communications, Control, and Signal Processing
           Electrical and Computer Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Computational Science and Engineering
           Electrical and Computer Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Computer Engineering
           Electrical and Computer Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Electronics and Photonics
           English with optional Ph.D. emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           English with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies
           English with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Technology and Society
           English with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Environmental Science and Management  Ph.D.
           Film and Media Studies
           French with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Applied Linguistics
           French with optional Ph.D. emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           French with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Geography with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Cognitive Science
           Geography with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Geological Sciences with optional emphasis in: Computational Science and Engineering
           Germanic Languages and Literatures with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Applied Linguistics
           Germanic Languages and Literatures with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Global & International Studies
           Hispanic Languages and Literatures with optional Ph.D. emphasis in: Applied Linguistics
           Hispanic Languages and Literatures with optional Ph.D. emphasis in: European Medieval Studies
           Hispanic Languages and Literatures with optional Ph.D. emphasis in: Women's Studies
           History with optional Ph.D. emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           History with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies
           History with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Public History
           History with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Technology and Society
           History with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Latin American and Iberian Studies
           Linguistics with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Applied Linguistics
           Linguistics with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Cognitive Science
           Linguistics with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Human Development
           Linguistics with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Language, Interaction and Social Organizations
           Marine Science
           Master of Environmental Science and Management  M.E.S.M.
           Materials  M.S., Ph.D.
           Mathematics with optional emphasis in: Computational Science and Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering  M.S., Ph.D.- Computational Science and Engineering
           Media Arts and Technology  M.S.- Multimedia Engineering
           Media Arts and Technologywith emphases in: Electronic Music and Sound Design
           Media Arts and Technologywith emphases in: Multimedia Engineering
           Media Arts and Technologywith emphases in: Visual and Spatial Arts
           Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
           Music with emphases in: Composition
           Music with emphases in: Ethnomusicology
           Music with emphases in: Musicology
           Music with emphases in: Theory
           Musicwith emphases in: Conducting
           Musicwith emphases in: Keyboard
           Musicwith emphases in: Piano Accompanying (M.M. only)
           Musicwith emphases in: Strings
           Musicwith emphases in: Voice
           Musicwith emphases in: Woodwinds and Brass (M.M. only)
           Political Science with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies
           Political Science with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Political Science with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Technology and Society
           Psychological & Brain Sciences
           Psychological & Brain Sciences with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Cognitive Science
           Psychological & Brain Sciences with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Human Development
           Psychological & Brain Sciences with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Religious Studies with optional Ph.D. emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           Religious Studies with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies
           Religious Studies with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Global Studies
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Human Development
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Language, Interaction, and Social Organizations
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Technology and Society
           Sociology with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies
           Spanish and Portuguese
           Speech and Hearing Sciences
           Statistics and Applied Probability with optional emphases in: Mathematical and Empirical Finance
           Statistics and Applied Probability with optional emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Teaching and Learning with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Applied Linguistics
           Teaching and Learning with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Cognitive Science
           Teaching and Learning with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Human Development
           Teaching and Learning with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Language, Interaction and Social Organizations
           Teaching and Learning with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
           Theater with optional Ph.D. emphases in: European Medieval Studies
           Theater with optional Ph.D. emphases in: Women's Studies

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