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University of Cambridge
English Name: University of Cambridge
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1318
Address: The Old Schools, Trinity Lane

The University of Cambridge’s mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. It is made up of 31 colleges and more than 100 departments that cater for some 12,000 undergraduate and 6,000 postgraduate students. In a beautiful setting by the River Cam, Cambridge is famed for the architecture of its historic colleges but also for its wealth of modern research and teaching facilities. The University’s reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known worldwide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students, as well as the world-class original research carried out by the staff of the University and the Colleges. Some of the world’s most significant scientific breakthroughs have occurred at the University, including the splitting of the atom, invention of the jet engine and the discoveries of stem cells, plate tectonics, pulsars and the structure of DNA.  From Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking, the University has nurtured some of history’s greatest minds and has produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other UK institution with more than 80 laureates. Cambridge's great libraries and collections housed in eight world-class museums and in the colleges are scholarly resources of outstanding international significance. Cambridge attracts the brightest and best students, researchers and academics from across the world, with a student population drawn from 135 different countries.

Total Enrollment:17868
           International Students:5526(31%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:12221
           International Students:2102(17%)
Graduate Enrollment:5647
           International Students:3424(61%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
           Archaeology and Anthropology
           Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
           Biological and Biomedical Sciences
           Chemical Engineering
           Computer Science
           Geological Sciences
           History and Philosophy of Science
           History of Art
           Land Economy
           Management Studies
           Manufacturing Engineering
           Materials Science
           Physical Sciences
           Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
           Plant Sciences
           Politics, Psychology and Sociology*
           Systems Biology
           Theology and Religious Studies
           Veterinary Medicine
Postgraduate Taught Courses
           Advanced Chemical Engineering: MPhil
           Advanced Computer Science: MPhil
           African Studies: MPhil
           American Literature: MPhil
           Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic: MPhil
           Anthropology: see Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology
           Applied Criminology and Police Management: MSt
           Applied Criminology, Penology and Management: MSt
           Applied Linguistics, English and: MPhil
           Archaeological Research: MPhil
           Archaeology: MPhil
           Art, History of: MPhil
           Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: MPhil, also see South Asian Studies
           Assyriology: MPhil
           Astrophysics: MASt
           Biological Anthropology: MPhil
           Bioscience Enterprise: MPhil
           Building History: MSt
           Business Administration: MBA
           Business: see Management
           Celtic Studies: see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
           Classics: MPhil
           Computational Biology: MPhil
           Computer Science, Advanced: MPhil
           Conservation Leadership: MPhil
           Construction Engineering: MSt
           Criminological Research: MPhil
           Criminology: MPhil
           Development Studies: MPhil
           Early Modern History: MPhil
           Economic and Social History: MPhil
           Economic Research: MPhil
           Economics: MPhil, Diploma
           Education: PGCE, MPhil, MEd
           Egyptology: MPhil
           Engineering for Sustainable Development: MPhil
           English and Applied linguistics: MPhil
           English Studies: MPhil
           Environment, Society, and Development: MPhil
           Environmental Design in Architecture: MPhil
           Environmental Policy: MPhil
           Environmental Science: MPhil
           Epidemiology: MPhil
           Ethnomusicology: MPhil
           European Literature and Culture: MPhil
           Finance: MPhil, MFin also see Economics, Land Economy
           Fluid Flow in Industry and the Environment: MPhil
           Historic Environment: MSt
           Historical Studies: MPhil
           History of Art and Architecture: MPhil
           History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine: MPhil
           Human Evolutionary Studies: MPhil
           Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management: MPhil
           Innovation, Strategy and Organisation: MPhil
           Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment: MSt
           International Relations: MPhil, MSt
           Jewish-Christian Relations: MSt
           Land Economy Research: MPhil
           Latin American Studies: MPhil
           Law: LLM
           Legal Studies: Diploma
           Linguistics: MPhil
           Local and Regional History: MSt
           Management Science and Operations: MPhil
           Management: MPhil
           Materials Science: MASt
           Mathematics: MMath, MAst (these courses are offered in two departments: Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics)
           Medieval and Renaissance literature: MPhil
           Medieval History: MPhil, also see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
           Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise: MPhil
           Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): MPhil
           Modern European History: MPhil
           Modern Society and Global Transformation: MPhil
           Modern South Asian Studies: MPhil
           Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies: MPhil
           Musical Composition: MPhil
           Musicology: MPhil
           Nuclear Energy: MPhil
           Oriental Studies: see Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies
           Philosophy of Science: see History and Philosophy of Science
           Philosophy: MPhil
           Physics: MASt
           Planning, Growth and Regeneration: MPhil
           Polar Studies: MPhil
           Political Thought and Intellectual History: MPhil
           Politics: MPhil
           Public Health: MPhil
           Real Estate Finance: MPhil
           Russian Studies: MPhil
           Scientific Computing: MPhil
           Screen Media and Cultures: MPhil
           Social and Developmental Psychology: MPhil
           Social Anthropology: MPhil, MRes
           South Asian Studies: MPhil
           Statistical Science: MPhil
           Sustainability Leadership: MSt
           Technology Policy: MPhil
           Theology and Religious Studies: MPhil, Diploma
           Translational Medicine and Therapeutics: MPhil
Postgraduate Research Programs
           Agricultural Botany: PhD
           Anaesthesia: see Medicine
           Anatomy: see Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
           Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic: PhD
           Anthropology: see Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology
           Applied Linguistics, English and: PhD
           Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics: PhD
           Archaeological Research: MPhil
           Archaeology: PhD
           Architecture: MPhil, PhD
           Art, History of: PhD
           Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: PhD
           Astronomy: MPhil, PhD
           Biochemistry: MPhil, PhD
           Bioinformatics: PhD see European Bioinformatics Institute, Gurdon Institute, Sanger Institute
           Biological Anthropological Science: MPhil
           Biological Anthropology: PhD
           Biological Science: MPhil, PhD
           Biological Science: MRes/MPhil + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programmes (These courses are offered in: Stem Cell Research, Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)
           Biostatistics (MRC Biostatistics Unit): PhD see also Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
           Biotechnology: PhD
           Botany: see Plant Sciences
           Brain Science: see Cognition and Brain Sciences, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Neurosciences, Psychiatry
           British Literature Post-1830: PhD
           Business Administration: see Judge Business School
           Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre: PhD
           Cancer Research
           Cardiovascular Research: MRes or MPhil + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme
           Cardiovascular Science
           Cell Biology
           Celtic Studies: see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
           Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology: MPhil
           Chemical Engineering: PhD
           Chemistry: MPhil, PhD see Chemistry, British Antarctic Survey (PhD only), Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis
           Chinese Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): PhD
           Classics: PhD
           Clinical Biochemistry: MPhil, PhD
           Clinical Medicine: clinically-based MPhils and PhDs are available in a number of areas in the Clinical School: Clinical Academic Training Programme, MB/PhD Programme
           Clinical Neurosciences: MPhil, PhD
           Cognition and Brain Sciences: MPhil, PhD
           Computation, Cognition and Language (English and Applied linguistics): PhD
           Computational Biology: see Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, European Bioinformatics Institute
           Computer Science and Technology: PhD
           Criminology: PhD
           Design: see Architecture
           Developmental Biology: MPhil + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme
           Developmental Biology: MPhil, PhD
           Divinity: CPGS, MLitt, PhD
           Dutch (Old Dutch): see Modern and Medieval Languages
           Earth Sciences (British Antarctic Survey): PhD
           Earth Sciences: PhD
           East Asian Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): PhD
           Economics: PhD
           Education: MPhil/MEd, PhD, EdD
           Engineering: MPhil, PhD
           English and Applied Linguistics: PhD
           English: PhD
           Environment: see Architecture, Engineering, Geography, Land Economy
           Epidemiology: MPhil, PhD
           Evolution: see Biological Anthropology
           Experimental Psychology: MPhil, MSc, PhD
           French (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Genetics: MPhil, PhD
           Genomics: MPhil, PhD see Sanger Institute
           Geographical Research: MPhil
           Geography: PhD also see British Antarctic Survey, Earth Sciences, Scott Polar Research Insitute
           German (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Greek (Modern Greek): see Modern and Medieval Languages
           Gynaecology: see Obstetrics and Gynaecology
           Haematology: MPhil, PhD
           Health: see Public Health and Primary Care
           Hebrew Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): PhD
           History and Philosophy of Science: PhD
           History of Art: PhD
           History: PhD
           Human Nutrition Research: PhD
           Infection and Immunity: MRes + PhD Four-Year Programme
           International Studies: see Politics and International Studies
           Italian (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Japanese Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): PhD
           Land Economy: MPhil, PhD
           Languages: see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Education, English, English and Applied Linguistics, Modern and Medieval Languages
           Latin (Neo Latin): see Modern and Medieval Languages
           Latin American Studies: PhD
           Law: MLitt, PhD, Diploma (Legal Studies), Diploma (International Law)
           Linguistics (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD also see English, English and Applied Linguistics
           Literature: see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Education, English, Modern and Medieval Languages
           Management Studies: PhD
           Manufacturing and Management: PhD
           Materials Science and Metallurgy: MSc, MPhil, PhD, EngD, 4 Year PhD, PhD (NanoDTC)
           Mathematics: see Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Education
           Medical Genetics: MPhil, PhD
           Medical Imaging
           Medical Research at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR): MRes + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme
           Medical Science: MPhil, PhD
           Medical Science: MRes + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme see Medical Research CIMR Programme, Cardiovascular Research, Infection and Immunity, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease
           Medicinal Chemistry (CRUK): PhD
           Medicine: MPhil, PhD, MD
           Medieval History: see Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
           Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease: MRes + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme also see Cardiovascular Research
           Metabolic Science
           Metallurgy: see Materials Science and Metallurgy
           Middle Eastern Studies: see Archaeology, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
           Mitochondrial Biology: MPhil, PhD
           Modern and Medieval Languages: PhD
           Modern Greek (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Molecular Biology: MPhil, PhD
           Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies: PhD
           Music: PhD
           Nanoscience: PhD
           Neo Latin (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Neuroscience: MPhil, PhD
           Nutrition: MPhil, PhD
           Obstetrics and Gynaecology: MPhil, PhD
           Old Dutch (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Oncology: Mhil, PhD
           Oriental Studies: see Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
           Orthopaedic Research: see Surgery
           Paediatrics: MPhil, PhD
           Pathology: MPhil, PhD
           Pharmacology: MPhil, PhD
           Philosophy of Science: see History and Philosophy of Science
           Philosophy: PhD
           Photonic Systems Development: IDP
           Physics: MPhil, PhD also see Astronomy, Materials Science and Metallurgy
           Physiology, Development and Neuroscience: MPhil, PhD
           Plant Sciences: MPhil, PhD see also Agricultural Botany
           Polar Studies: see British Antarctic Survey, Scott Polar Research Institute
           Politics and International Studies: PhD
           Portuguese (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Psychiatry: MPhil, PhD
           Public Health and Primary Care: PhD
           Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics: PhD
           Radiology: MPhil, PhD
           Religious Studies: see Divinity
           Sanskrit and South Asian Studies (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies): PhD
           Scott Polar Research Institute: PhD
           Slavonic Studies (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Social and Developmental Psychology: PhD
           Social Anthropology: PhD
           Sociology: PhD
           Spanish (Modern and Medieval Languages): PhD
           Statistics: see Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
           Stem Cell Research: MRes + PhD Four-Year Doctoral Programme
           Surgery: MPhil, PhD, MChir
           Systems Biology
           Theology: see Divinity
           Veterinary Science: MPhil, PhD
           Zoology: MPhil, PhD

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