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University of Montreal
English Name: University of Montreal
Region: Northern America
Country/Region: Canada
Found Year: 1878
Address: C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville

The Université de Montréal (UdeM), with its affiliated schools, École Polytechnique and HEC Montréal is the second largest Canadian university and one of the top universities in the French-speaking world. UdeM has over 60,000 students to whom it offers programs in almost all academic fields including the full range of disciplines in health sciences and one of Canada's largest Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It offers a rich network of libraries and a full sports complex. With its affiliated hospitals, UdeM is one of the main Canadian research-intensive universities bringing together 2,600 professors and researchers and some 300 research units.


The Université de Montréal is North America’s foremost French-language university and one of the top French-speaking universities in the world. Through the quality and reputation of its professors, instructors, and researchers, as well as the expertise of all its employees, the Université de Montréal stands out among the largest educational and research universities in Canada and strives for excellence in all areas of knowledge and know-how.  By providing intellectual, cultural, and scientific leadership, its influence extends across the country and throughout the world.


With strong roots in the community, it embodies the fundamental spirit of Montréal and impacts the development of society. Students and society alike gain from the new knowledge that is discovered, applied, and fostered through interdependent scholarly and research activities of the highest level. It prepares students to become agents of change and progress, so that as graduates, they will assert themselves through their skills, initiative, social responsibility and openness to the world.


The fulfillment of its mission rests on pursuing, spreading and challenging knowledge, as well as developing a critical mind and promoting creativity.  It is also based on freedom of thought, expression, education, and research, and the spirit of collegiality.


Total Enrollment:34470
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:25237
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:9233
           International Students:850(9%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Computer Science 
           Applied Police and Security Management
           Arabic Language and Culture 
           Arabic Studies 
           Architectural Design 
           Archival Science 
           Art History 
           Biological Sciences 
           Biomedical Sciences
           Catechism Studies 
           Chinese Language and Culture 
           Classical Studies
           Cognitive Sciences 
           Communications and Politics 
           Communication Sciences 
           Community Action 
           Community Health
           Comparative Literature
           Comparative Literature and Philosophy 
           Computer Science
           Crisis Intervention 
           Demography and Geography 
           Demography and Statistics 
           Dental Hygiene
           Dental Medicine Disability and Rehabilitation Management 
           Design: Industrial 
           Design Specialization 
           Digital Information Management 
           Early Childhood and Family: Early Intervention 
           East Asian Studies and Anthropology 
           East Asian Studies and Geography 
           East Asian Studies and History 
           East Asian Studies 
           Economics and Computer Science
           Economics and Politics 
           Economic Studies 
           English Language and Culture
           English Language, Literature and Culture 
           English Studies and Comparative Literature 
           English Studies 
           Environmental Geography 
           Ethics and Law
           Ethnic Relations 
           European Studies 
           Extra-Corporeal Perfusion 
           Film Studies and Comparative Literature 
           Film Studies 
           French and Romanic Philology 
           French As A Second Language For Non-Francophones 
           French Studies
           French Studies and Linguistics 
           French Studies and Philosophy 
           Garden Design 
           German Language and Culture 
           German Studies and History 
           German Studies 
           Greek Language and Culture
           Health and Social Services Management
           Hispanic Language and Culture 
           Hispanic Studies 
           Industrial Relations
           International Studies 
           Internet Programming
           Intervention For Cognitive Impairment 
           Introduction To Multimedia 
           Italian Language and Culture 
           Italian Studies 
           Japanese Language and Culture 
           Korean Language and Culture
           Landscape Architecture
           Latin American Studies Linguistics 
           Latin Language and Culture 
           Literature and Humanities 
           Luso-Brazilian Language and Culture
           Mathematics and Computer Science 
           Mathematics and Economics 
           Mathematics and Physics 
           Medicine (M.D.)
           Medieval Studies 
           Mental Health: Foundations and Intervention Practices
           Music (Classical Performance) 
           Music (Electroacoustical Composition) 
           Music (General) 
           Music (Instrumental Composition) 
           Music (Jazz Performance) 
           Music (Mixed Composition) 
           Music (Musicology) 
           Music (Vocal Performance - Baroque and Classical) 
           Music (Writing Techniques) 
           Neo-Hellenic Language and Culture 
           Neo-Hellenic Studies 
           Nursing: Child Care
           Nursing: Clinical Setting 
           Nursing: Elder Care 
           Nursing: Emergency 
           Nursing: Integration and Perspectives 
           Nursing: Oncology Care 
           Occupational Health and Safety 
           Occupational Therapy
           Office Automation
           Operational Research 
           Pastoral Care In A Health Setting
           Physics and Computer Science 
           Political Science and Philosophy
           Political Science 
           Portuguese Language and Lusophone Culture 
           Preschool Education and Teaching At The Primary Level
           Promotional Communications 
           Psychoeducation and Psychology
           Psychoeducational Intervention
           Psychology Psychology and Sociology 
           Public Relations 
           Quebec Studies 
           Religious Sciences 
           Religious Studies 
           Residency In Optometry Certificate 
           Russian Language and Culture 
           Security and Police Studies 
           Social Service 
           Spiritual Guidance and Community Involvement 
           Substance Abuse: Prevention and Rehabilitation 
           Teaching French As A Second Language
           Teaching French At The Secondary Level
           Teaching Mathematics At The Secondary Level 
           Teaching Physical Education and Health 
           Teaching Science and Technology At The Secondary Level 
           Teaching Special Needs Students 
           Teaching The Social Universe At The Secondary Level
           Theology - Practical 
           Urban Planning
           Veterinary Medicine
           Vietnamese Language and Culture 
           Violence, Victims and Society 
           Writing: Principles and Practice
           Youth Intervention: Foundations and Practices
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Training Internship In Applied Veterinary Medicine
           Ageing, Health and Society
           Applied Geography
           Art History
           Biblical Studies
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Sciences
           Business Law
           Cellular Pathology and Biology
           Change Management Communications
           Christian Spirituality and Guidance
           Classical Studies
           Clinical Nursing Specialist
           Communication Sciences
           Community Health
           Comparative Education and The Foundations of Education
           Comparative Literature
           Computer Science
           Crime Intervention
           Criminological Analysis
           Dental Medicine
           Drug Development
           Drug Phenomena
           Early Childhood
           Economic Studies
           Education - Didactics
           Education - Education Administration
           Education - General
           Education - Pedagogical Intervention
           Education Administration
           Electronic Commerce
           English Studies
           Environment and Prevention
           Environmental Health and Workplace Health
           Evaluation Of Health Technologies
           Excercise Science
           Film Studies
           French Studies
           Genetic Counselling
           Geomatics and Spatial Analysis
           German Studies
           German Studies In A European Context
           Health Services Administration
           Hispanic Studies
           In-Depth Residency In Dental Medicine and Stomatology
           Industrial Relations
           Information Sciences
           Information Technologies Law
           Insurance and Legal Medicine
           International Studies
           Intervention For The Visually Impaired
           Judicial Power and Legal Systems
           Land Use and Environment
           Language Disorders
           Law - Notarial Practice
           Law - Tax
           Magnetic Resonance - Abdominal Vascular
           Magnetic Resonance - Musculoskeletal
           Magnetic Resonance - Neuroradiological
           Mathematical and Computational Finance
           Microbiology and Immunology
           Mobility and Posture
           Molecular Biology
           Multidisciplinary Residency In Dental Medicine
           Music (Composition)
           Music (Orchestral)
           Music (Performance)
           Neurological Sciences
           North American Common Law
           Notarial Law
           Nurse Practitioner
           Occupational Health and Safety
           Oral and Dental Sciences
           Pastoral Care In A Health Setting
           Pedagogical Integration Of Ict
           Pedagogical Intervention
           Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography
           Pharmaceutical Care
           Pharmaceutical Practice
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Pharmacist - Internship Supervisor
           Physical Activity and Health Promotion
           Political Science
           Press Freedom and Democracy 
           Quality, Evaluation, Organization and Performance of Healthcare Facilities
           Religious Studies
           Science of Education - Andragogy
           Science of Education - Measuring and Evaluating Educational Performance
           Science Of Education - Didactics
           Science Of Education - Education Administration 
           Science Of Education - Psychopedagogy
           Science Of Education - University Pedagogy For Medical Sciences
           Set-Up and Management of Planning Projects
           Social Administration
           Social Service
           Social Service - Professional
           Social Statistics
           Specialized Studies In Veterinary Medicine
           Speech Disorders
           Substance Abuse Intervention
           Technology and Meat Safety
           Theological Studies
           Toxicology and Risk Analysis
           Training In Post-Secondary Teaching
           Urban Management For Developing Countries
           Urban Planning
           Veterinary Sciences
           Visual Sciences

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