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University of Sao Paulo
English Name: University of Sao Paulo
Region: Latin America
Country/Region: Brazil
Found Year: 1934
Address: Rua da Reitoria, 374

University of São Paulo (USP) is one of the largest and most important research, technological and higher education 

institution of Brazil and Latin America. Founded in 1934, USP is a public state institution, and has campi located in eight 

cities in the state of São Paulo (Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto, Santos, São Carlos and 

São Paulo). 

USP offers 300 undergraduate programs and 222 graduate programs (MSc and PhD degrees), in all fields of knowledge, 

with tuition free for regular and exchange students.

Altogether, there are about 90,000 enrolled students at USP. Its academic structure is organized into 42 schools, 6 specialized

 institutes, and four important museums, which receive over one-million visitors each year.

USP also offers 984 extra-curricular programs for its students and the wider community that range from science and culture 

to innovative health care and therapy. USP has two major hospitals and dental health centers that directly benefit the 

population, and a partnership with two of the best hospitals in the cities of São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto. There are also 

sports practice centers, theaters, symphonic and chamber orchestras, and many other scientific and cultural diffusion centers.

USP is a research-led institution, and since its foundation it has maintained a leadership role in Brazilian scientific and 

scholarly production, being responsible for 22% of all Brazilian academic output. Besides, the university graduate provision 

corresponds to 16% of all PhD awarded in Brazil, and 44% of the state of São Paulo. University of São Paulo also benefits 

from the continuous improvement of its interdisciplinary research centers in collaboration with international partners, which is 

demonstrated in 34% of all USP papers published with international co-authors.

Total Enrollment:82589
           International Students:1295(2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:56998
           International Students:579(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:25591
           International Students:716(3%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting Sciences
           Actuarial Sciences
           Aeronautical Engineering
           Agronomic Engineering
           Applied and Computational Mathematics
           Audiovisual Arts
           Biochemical Engineering
           Biochemical Pharmacy
           Biological Science
           Biomedical Informatics
           Biomolecular and Physical Sciences
           Business Economics and Accounting
           Chemical Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Computational Engineering
           Computational Physics
           Computer Science and Informatics
           Dramatic Arts 
           Economic Sciences
           Editorial Business
           Educator In Geosciences and Environment
           Electrical Electronic Engineering and Energy and Automation Systems
           Electrical Engineering with Emphasis In Automation and Control
           Electrical Engineering with Emphasis In Electrical Energy and Automation
           Electrical Engineering with Emphasis In Electronic Systems
           Electrical Engineering with Emphasis On Telecommunications
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Management
           Exact Sciences
           Food Engineering
           Food Sciences
           Forest Engineering
           Fundamental Health Sciences
           Information and Documentation Sciences
           Information Systems
           International Relations
           Language and Literature
           Leisure and Tourism
           Library Sciences
           Marketing and Advertisement
           Materials Engineering
           Mathematics Applied To Business
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Production Engineering
           Mechatronics Engineering
           Medical Physics
           Medicine and Medical Sciences
           Metallurgical Engineering
           Mining Engineering
           Molecular Sciences
           Natural Sciences
           Naval Engineering
           Nutrition and Metabolism
           Occupational Therapy
           Petroleum Engineering
           Physical Activity Sciences
           Physical Education
           Plastic Arts
           Production Engineering
           Public Policy Administration 
           Public Relations
           Social Sciences
           Speech Therapy
           Textile and Clothing Technology
           Veterinary Medicine
Graduate Programs
           Aesthetics and Art History
           Agricultural Machinery
           Agricultural Microbiology
           Allergy and Immunology
           Analytical Chemistry
           Anatomy of Domestic and Wild Animals
           Animal Breeding
           Applied Dental Sciences
           Applied Ecology
           Applied Economics
           Applied Human Nutrition
           Applied Mathematics
           Arab and Jewish Studies
           Archaeology - Mae
           Architecture and Urbanism
           Automotive Engineering
           Basic and Applied Immunology
           Biochemical Pharmaceutical Technology
           Biological Oceanography
           Biology / Genetics
           Biosciences Applied To The Pharmacy
           Brazilian Cultures and Identities
           Brazilian Literature
           Cell Biology and Tissue
           Cellular and Molecular Biology
           Chemical and Geological Oceanography
           Chemical Engineering
           Chemical Engineering
           Child Health and Adolescent
           Civil Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Classical Literature
           Clinical Analysis
           Clinical Psychology
           Communication Sciences
           Community Health
           Comp Studies. The Literat. Portuguese-Speaking
           Comparative Biology
           Computer Science
           Computer Science and Computational Mathematics
           Controlling and Accounting
           Cultural Studies
           Dental Materials
           Dental Sciences
           Dentistry (Periodontics)
           Drug and Drug
           Economic History
           Electrical Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Environmental Engineering Sciences
           Environmental Science
           Epidemiology Exp. Applied To Zoonoses
           Experimental Pathology and Compared
           Experimental Physiopathology
           Experimental Psychology
           Food Engineering
           Food Science
           Forest Resources
           Fundamental Nursing
           Gastroenterology Clinic
           Gastrointestinal Surgery
           General Physiology
           Genetics and Improve. Plant
           Geochemistry and Geotectonics
           Geographical Human
           German Language and Literature
           Health Sciences Applied To The Locomotor
           Human Physiology
           Hydraulic and Sanitation
           In Adult Health Nursing
           Industrial Biotechnology
           Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
           Information Science
           Information Systems
           Integration of Latin America
           International Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology
           International Relations
           Irrigation and Drainage
           Language Esp. and Lit. Spanish and Latin Americ.
           Language, Italian Literature and Culture
           Language, Literature and Japanese Culture
           Linguistic and Literary Studies In English
           Linguistic, Literary and Tradutológicos In French
           Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
           Management of Organizations
           Marine Engineering and Ocean
           Materials Engineering
           Materials Science and Engineering
           Means and Process Audiovisual
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Clinic
           Medical Sciences
           Medicine and Technology and Interventions In Cardiology)
           Mental Health
           Metallurgical Engineering and Materials
           Mineral Engineering
           Mineral Resources and Hydrogeology
           Mineralogy, Petrology
           Modeling of Complex Systems
           Morphofunctional Sciences
           Neuroscience and Behavior
           Nuclear Energy In Agriculture
           Nuclear Technology
           Nursing Management
           Nutrition and Animal Production
           Obstetrical Gynecology
           Obstetrics and Gynecology
           Ophthalmology, Ent. and Head and Neck Surgery
           Oral Diagnosis
           Oral Pathology
           Oral Rehabilitation
           Orthopedic Traumatology
           Pasture and Animal Science
           Pediatric Dentistry
           Performing Arts
           Pharmaceutical Sciences
           Philology and Portuguese
           Physical Education
           Physical Geography
           Physical Oceanography
           Physics Applied To Medicine and Biology
           Physics of The Agricultural Environment
           Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
           Plant Science
           Political Science
           Portuguese Literature
           Preventive Medicine
           Production Engineering
           Production Engineering
           Psychiatric Nursing
           Public Health
           Public Health Nursing
           Public Health Nutrition
           Public Health Surveillance
           Rehabilitation Sciences
           Rehabilitation Sciences
           Restorative Dentistry
           Russian Literature and Culture
           School Psychology and Dev. Human
           Science and Food Technology
           Social Anthropology
           Social Change and Participation
           Social History
           Social Psychology
           Soils and Plant Nutrition
           Statistics and Experim. Agronomic
           Surgical Clinic
           Surgical Clinic
           Surgical Clinic and Veterinary
           Systematics, Taxonomy and Animal Biodiversity
           Systems Engineering, Logistics
           Teaching of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
           Textiles and Fashion
           Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
           Toxicology and Toxicological Analysis
           Transport Engineering
           Transport Engineering
           Tropical Medicine - Instituto of Tropical Medicine
           Veterinary Clinic
           Visual Arts

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