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University of Southampton
English Name: University of Southampton
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1862
Address: University Road

The University of Southampton has a distinguished heritage that can be traced back to the creation of the Hartley Institution in 1862.


The Hartley Institution became a university college in 1902. It was renamed Hartley University College, and subsequently became University College Southampton. In 1952, HM The Queen granted the University of Southampton a Royal Charter to award degrees in its own right, conferring full university status.


Today, the University of Southampton is in the top one per cent of world universities (QS World University Rankings 2015-16) and is a forward-thinking institution that aspires to change the world for the better. Through education, research, innovation and enterprise, we provide opportunities that transform the lives of our students, our community, society and the economy.


The University is one of the UK’s top institutions for engineering, computer science and medicine. We combine academic excellence with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to research, supporting a culture that engages and challenges students and staff in their pursuit of learning. As a founder member of the Russell Group of 24 major research-intensive universities of the UK, we offer a high-calibre study environment.


In the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (2014), over 97 per cent of the University’s research environment has been assessed as world-leading and internationally excellent. We are ranked eighth in the UK for research intensity and 11th in the UK based on the volume and quality of our research.


We are proud to have the best Music department in the country on the basis of the quality of our research (REF 2014). Our world-leading engineering ranking is confirmed by our submissions to Electronic and Electrical Engineering and General Engineering, both ranked first in the country for the volume and quality of their research. The University is also ranked in the top five nationally in ocean and Earth science, nursing and allied health professions, history, modern languages and social policy (including criminology, demography, gerontology and sociology).

We are ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK according to the Complete University Guide 2017, Guardian University Guide 2017, and The Times University Guide 2016.


Our multidisciplinary approach brings world-class researchers from across the University together to address global challenges such as climate change, global health, hi-tech crime and our ageing population, crossing the boundaries that traditionally separate subject areas to pioneer innovative solutions.

Here are a few research highlights:


- For 60 years, Southampton researchers have been at the forefront of the global revolution in digital communications. The University is the birthplace of the optical amplifier technology that led to the development of the Internet and created a global telecommunications network.


- Our staff and students have worked to support over 1,000 elite athletes as part of their preparation for the Beijing, Vancouver and the London 2012 games.  Their engineering excellence has contributed to sports that won 50 per cent of Team GB's medals at the London 2012 Olympics, and is now supporting athletes for Rio 2016.


- Our researchers have created technology to store the history of the human race in a simple piece of glass for billions of years. Using optical discs made of nanostructured glass, they have already saved copies of important documents, such as the King James Bible, the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Magna Carta in the format. A standard-sized disc can store around 360 terabytes of data, with an estimated lifespan of up to 13.8 billion years and withstand temperatures of 1,000°C.


- Our engineers designed and flew the world’s first ‘printed’ aircraft, which could revolutionise the economics of aircraft design.


- Our researchers have discovered communities of species previously unknown to science on the seafloor near Antarctica, clustered in the hot, dark environment surrounding hydrothermal vents. Other deep-sea expeditions revealed details of the world's most extreme deep-sea volcanic vents, five kilometres down in a rift in the Caribbean seafloor


- Southampton is a world leader in biometrics and is at the forefront of research into gait biometrics that identifies and recognises people by the way they walk. The science has the potential to revolutionise the methods used by security agencies to identify criminals, it has improved national security and has been used in covert surveillance to identify terrorists in ports and airports.

- Our research into the natural antimicrobial properties of copper is helping to tackle one of today’s most formidable healthcare challenges – hospital superbugs such as MRSA and norovirus. Southampton research has shown that copper completely destroys the bacteria’s DNA in minutes.

- Our researchers are at the forefront of improving our understanding of musculoskeletal and metabolic conditions throughout people’s lives, and through that understanding to develop preventive strategies.


- The University leads the UK in cancer immunology research. Our exciting discoveries are moving out of the laboratory into clinical trials, where they are already making a world of difference to people with cancer. We are currently fundraising £25m to build a new Centre for Cancer Immunology, due to open in 2017.  Through connecting world-leading scientists with cutting-edge facilities, the Centre aims to accelerate research progress and save more lives from cancer.   Find out more at


- Our geographers are leading high-resolution mapping projects to help the development of countries around the world and aid response to disease and natural disasters by providing information about population distribution, demographics and movement. For example, ‘WorldPop’ develops global population mapping that, among its many other projects, is helping the world to understand the scale of the Zika epidemic.

- Our researchers are using cutting-edge technology such as satellite imaging, computer simulations, X-ray imaging and the latest geophysical analysis to uncover our cultural heritage. A groundbreaking collaborative project led by Southampton has been exploring the Roman harbour city of Portus in detail and continues to make exciting discoveries.


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Total Enrollment:20181
           International Students:4381(22%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:15990
           International Students:2157(13%)
Graduate Enrollment:4191
           International Students:2224(53%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting & Finance
           Acoustical Engineering
           Aeronautics & Astronautics
           Applied Social Sciences
           Biomedical Sciences
           Civil Engineering
           Computer Science & Software Engineering
           Criminology & Psychological Studies
           Education & Training
           Education Studies
           Education Studies & Psychology
           Electrical Engineering
           Electromechanical Engineering
           Electronic Engineering
           Engineering/Physics/Geophysics Foundation Year
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Sciences
           Fashion & Textile Design
           Fashion Marketing
           Fine Art
           Graphic Arts
           Health & Social Care
           Health Sciences
           Information Technology In Organisations
           International Foundation Year
           Linguistics & Languages
           Management & Management Sciences
           Marine Biology
           Mechanical Engineering
           Natural Sciences
           Nursing - Professional Development (Cpd/Lbr)
           Occupational Therapy
           Physics & Astronomy
           Politics & International Relations
           Population & Geography
           Science Foundation Year
           Ship Science
           Sociology & Social Policy
           Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies
           Statistical Sciences
Postgraduate Taught Courses
           Clinical Practice 
           Clinical Practice 
           Clinical Psychology 
           Edd Education Doctorate 
           Educational Psychology 
           Engd Engineering Doctorate 
           Engd Engineering Doctorate 
           Executive Education Msc Organisation Development and Facilitation 
           Humanities Interdisciplinary Ma Medieval and Renaissance Culture 
           Humanities Interdisciplinary Mres Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
           Interdisciplinary Ma - Medieval and Renaissance Culture 
           Interdisciplinary Ma - Transnational Studies 
           Interdisciplinary Mres Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
           Llm Corporate and Commercial Law (1 Year)
           Llm European and Comparative Property Law (1 Year)
           Llm European Law (1 Year)
           Llm General (1 Year)
           Llm Information Technology and Commerce (1 Year)
           Llm Information Technology and Telecommunications Law (Full Time - 1 Year)
           Llm International Business Law (1 Year)
           Llm International Law (1 Year)
           Llm Maritime Law (1 Year)
           Ma/Msc Archaeological Survey and Landscape 
           Ma/Msc Maritime Archaeology 
           Management (Pgc-Hem) 
           Ma Aesthetics 
           Ma Applied Linguistics (Research Methodology) 
           Ma Applied Linguistics For Language Teaching 
           Ma Archaeology of Rome and Its Provinces 
           Ma Ceramic and Lithic Analysis For Archaeologists 
           Ma Creative Writing 
           Ma Design, Management Pathways (Advertising Design Management, Design Management, Fashion and Textile Marketing, Fashion Management, Luxury Brand Management) 
           Ma Design, European Pathways (Product Design Management, Architectural Design Management, Interior Design Management) 
           Ma Design, European Pathways (Product Design Management, Architectural Design Management, Interior Design Management) 
           Ma Design, Studio Pathways (Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design) 
           Ma Design, Studio Pathways (Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design) 
           Ma Designnagement Pathways (Advertising Design Management, Design Management, Fashion and Textile Marketing, Fashion Management, Luxury Brand Management) 
           Ma Eighteenth-Century Studies (Chawton) 
           Ma English Language Teaching: Online 
           Ma English Language Teaching 
           Ma English Literary Studies 
           Ma Film and Cultural Management 
           Ma Film 
           Ma Fine Art (Options In Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Video, Web, Temporary Site-Specific / Time-Based Work and Performance Art) 
           Ma Fine Art (Options In Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Video, Web, Temporary Site-Specific / Time-Based Work and Performance Art) 
           Ma History 
           Ma Jewish History and Culture 
           Ma Medieval and Renaissance Culture 
           Ma Medieval and Renaissance Culture 
           Ma Osteoarchaeology 
           Ma Paleolithic Archaeology and Human Origins 
           Ma Philosophy 
           Ma Social Archaeology 
           Ma Transnational Studies 
           Ma Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Literature 
           MBA (full time and part time) 
           Mmus Music 
           Mn Masters Nursing Studies 
           Mphil/Msc Chemistry 
           Mphil Research Methodology 
           Mres Clinical Research 
           Mres Clinical Research 
           Mres Clinical Research 
           Mres Clinical Research 
           Mres History 
           Mres Jewish History and Culture 
           Mres Linguistics 
           Mres Marine Geology and Geophysics 
           Mres Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
           Mres Medieval and Renaissance Studies 
           Mres Medieval And Renaissance Culture
           Mres Modern Languages (French/German/Hispanic and Portuguese Studies) 
           Mres Musicology 
           Mres Ocean Science 
           Msc Applied Digital Signal Processing
           Msc Engineering Acoustics
           Msc Sound and Vibration Studies
           Msc Structure Dynamics
           Msc/Mres Environmental Management Programme 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Allergy 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Allergy 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Marine Technology 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Official Statistics 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Official Statistics 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Public Health Nutrition 
           Msc/Pg Dip/Pg Cert Public Health Nutrition 
           Msc/Pg Dip Actuarial Science 
           Msc/Pg Dip Demography 
           Msc/Pg Dip Economics and Econometrics 
           Msc/Pg Dip Economics 
           Msc/Pg Dip Finance and Economics 
           Msc/Pg Dip In Actuarial Science
           Msc/Pg Dip In Statistics with Applications In Medicine 
           Msc/Pg Dip Operational Research and Finance 
           Msc/Pg Dip Operational Research 
           Msc/Pg Dip Statistics with Applications In Medicine 
           Msc (Registered Midwife [Rm]) Masters In Midwifery Studies 2 Year Programme (With Advanced Standing) 
           Msc Accounting and Finance 
           Msc Accounting and Management 
           Msc Advanced Clinical Practice 
           Msc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science 
           Msc Aerodynamics and Computation 
           Msc Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing 
           Msc Archaeological Computing (Spatial Technologies) 
           Msc Archaeological Computing (Virtual Pasts) 
           Msc Artificial Intelligence 
           Msc Audiology 
           Msc Audiology 
           Msc Bionanotechnology 
           Msc Business Analytics and Management Sciences (Bams) 
           Msc Citizenship and Democracy (Research) 
           Msc Civil Engineering 
           Msc Clinical Leadership In Cancer, Palliative, End Of Life Care
           Msc Corporate Risk and Security Management 
           Msc Crime Analysis (Subject To Approval) 
           Msc Digital Marketing 
           Msc Education 
           Msc Education Management and Leadership 
           Msc Education Practice and Innovation 
           Msc Education Specific Learning Difficulties 
           Msc Energy and Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering 
           Msc Energy and Sustainability (Multi-Pathway Programme) 
           Msc Engineering In The Coastal Environment 
           Msc Engineering In The Coastal Environment 
           Msc Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation For Environmental Modelling and Management (Gem) 
           Msc Geographical Information Systems (Online) 
           Msc Gerontology (Research) 
           Msc Global Politics 
           Msc Global Politics (Research) 
           Msc Health and Rehabilitation 
           Msc Health Psychology 
           Msc Human Animal Interactions: Global Perspectives 
           Msc Human Animal Interactions In Human Health 
           Msc Human Resource Management 
           Msc International Banking and Financial Studies 
           Msc International Financial Markets 
           Msc In Space Systems Engineering 
           Msc Knowledge and Information Systems Management (Kism) 
           Msc Leadership and Management In Health and Social Care
           Msc Management 
           Msc Management Sciences and Finance 
           Msc Marine Environment and Resources 
           Msc Marine Resource Management 
           Msc Marine Science, Policy and Law 
           Msc Maritime Engineering Science 
           Msc Marketing Analytics 
           Msc Marketing Management 
           Msc Masters In Midwifery Studies 
           Msc Mental Health Studies 
           Msc Microelectromechanical Systems (Mems) 
           Msc Microelectronics Systems Design 
           Msc Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology 
           Msc Nursing 
           Msc Nursing Studies 
           Msc Occupational Therapy 
           Msc Oceanography 
           Msc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration) 
           Msc Podiatry 
           Msc Public Health Practice 
           Msc Public Health Practice 
           Msc Race Car Aerodynamics 
           Msc Research Methods In Psychology 
           Msc Risk Management 
           Msc Software Engineering 
           Msc Strategic Entrepreneurship 
           Msc Sustainable Energy Technologies 
           Msc System On Chip 
           Msc Transportation Planning and Engineering 
           Msc Unmanned Vehicle Systems Design 
           Msc Web Science 
           Msc Web Technology 
           Msc Wireless Communications 
           Pg Dip/Msc Sociology and Social Policy
           Pg Dip/Msc Sociology and Social Research
           Pg Cert/Pg Dip/Msc Gerontology 
           Pg Dip/Msc Citizenship and Democracy 
           Pg Dip/Msc Governance and Policy 
           Pg Dip/Msc International Comparative Studies 
           Pg Dip/Msc International Comparative Studies (Center For Contemporary China)
           Pg Dip/Msc International Policy Economy 
           Pg Dip/Msc Social Policy and Social Research
           Pg Dip/Msc Social Statistics (Research Methods) 
           Pg Dip/Msc Social Statistics (Statistics) 
           Pg Dip/Msc Social Statistics (Statistics) 
           Photonic Technologies
Postgraduate Research Programs
           Applied Mathematics
           Art Phd Research Programmes 
           Astronomy and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
           Biological Sciences Phd Research Programmes (Mphil/Phd) 
           Biophotonic Microsystems
           Cancer Sciences
           Cancer, Palliative and End of Life Care
           Centre For Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development
           Centre For Narrative Studies
           Centre For Research In Accounting, Accountability and Governance
           Centre For Risk Research
           Civil Engineering Phd Research Programmes 
           Clinical Neurosciences
           Coastal and Shelf Reseach
           Community Clinical Sciences
           Computational Systems Chemistry
           Contemporary China 
           Cormsis: Centre For Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems
           Dclin Psych Doctorate In Clinical Psychology 
           Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
           Doctorate In Clinical Practice (Dclinp) 
           Earth Surface Dynamics
           Economy, Society and Space
           Edd Education Doctorate 
           Edpsych Doctorate In Education Psychology 
           Education Integrated Phd Programme 
           Education Phd Research Programmes 
           Education Research Centre - Leadership, School Improvement and Effectiveness 
           Education Research Centre - Lifelong and Work-Related Learning 
           Education Research Centre - Mathematics and Science Education 
           Education Research Centre - Social Justice and Inclusive Education 
           Electronics and Computer Science Doctoral Training Centres 
           Electronics and Computer Science Phd Research Programmes 
           Engd Engineering Doctorate 
           Engd Engineering Doctorate 
           Engineering Sciences 
           Entrepreneurship Research Group
           Finance and Banking Research Group
           Fundamental Photonics
           Global Environmental Change and Earth Observation
           Human Genetics
           Humanities - Archaeology 
           Humanities - English 
           Humanities - Film 
           Humanities - History 
           Humanities - Modern Languages 
           Humanities - Music 
           Humanities - Philosophy 
           Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
           Integrated Phd Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Electronic Engineering 
           Life Sciences 
           Light Generation and Manipulation
           Magnetic Resonance
           Marine Geology and Geophysics
           Marketing Research Group
           Molecular Assembly, Function & Structure
           Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics
           Mphil Research Methodology 
           Nanophotonics and Metamaterials
           Nursing and Midwifery 
           Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems
           Operational Research
           Optical Fibres
           Optical Materials
           Optical Networks and Systems
           Organisation and Delivery of Care
           Organisational Behaviour/ Human Resource Research Group
           Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate
           Palaeoenvironmental Rearch Group
           Phd Mathematics
           Phd Medical Statistics
           Phd Social Statistics
           Phd/Mphil Health Psychology 
           Physical Oceanography
           Planar Lightwave Integration
           Population, Health and Wellbeing
           Psychology Phd Research Programmes 
           Pure Mathematics
           Quantum, Light and Matter Physics
           Rehabilitation and Health Technologies
           Research Areas - Division Of Clinical Neuroscience 
           Research Areas - Division Of Cognition 
           Research Areas - Division Of Human Well-Being 
           Research Areas - Dynamics 
           Research Areas - Energy and Climate Change 
           Research Areas - Environment 
           Research Areas - Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics 
           Research Areas - Human Sciences 
           Research Areas - Infrastructure 
           Research Areas - Signal Processing and Control 
           Research Areas - Transportation 
           Research Group - Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics 
           Research Group - Astronautics 
           Research Group - Bioengineering Science 
           Research Group - Communications 
           Research Group - Computational Engineering and Design 
           Research Group - Dependable Systems and Software Engineering 
           Research Group - Electrical Power Engineering 
           Research Group - Electro-Mechanical Systems 
           Research Group - Electronic Systems Design 
           Research Group - Energy Technology 
           Research Group - Engineering Materials and Surface Engineering 
           Research Group - Fluid Structure Interactions 
           Research Group - Information: Signals, Images, Systems (Isis) 
           Research Group - Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (Iam) 
           Research Group - Learning Societies Lab 
           Research Group - Nanoscale Systems Integration 
           Research Group - Ncats (National Centre For Advanced Tribology At Southampton) 
           Research Group - Optoelectronics Research Centre (Orc) 
           Research Group - Pervasive Systems Centre 
           Research Group - Science and Engineering of Natural Systems (Sense) 
           Social Science - Centre For Contemporary China 
           Social Science - Centre For Research On Ageing 
           Social Science - Economics 
           Social Science - Sociology and Social Policy 
           Social Science – Politics and International Relations 
           Social Science – Social Statistics and Demography 
           Social Science – Social Work Studies 
           Strategy Research Group
           Theoretical High-Energy Physics

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