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University of Sydney
English Name: University of Sydney
Region: Oceania
Country/Region: Australia
Found Year: 1850
Address: University of Sydney, Building A14, Sydney, New South Wales 2006, Australia

The University of Sydney

Established in 1850 as Australia’s first university, today the University of Sydney is one of the world’s leading, comprehensive research and teaching institutions, ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world.


The University of Sydney’s diverse community of more than 54,000 students and 6,100 academic staff from more than 130 countries, share Australian innovation and research on the international stage.


Multidisciplinary research excellence

The University of Sydney is a world-leading research institution, with 100% of its research ranked at world standard or above.


The University has wide-ranging research strengths, from English language and literature, to philosophy, history, and the social sciences, to clinical medicine, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and robotics.


The University’s investment in multidisciplinary research is unrivalled in Australia, and its strategy aims to harness its research strengths – including a breadth and depth of disciplinary expertise unique in Australia – to address some of the major global challenges of our time, including: 


·         obesity

·         diabetes and cardiovascular disease

·         nanoscale science and technology

·         mental health and neurosciences.


Its research also includes a distinctive whole-of-institution focus on China and Southeast Asia.


The University’s strategy represents almost $1 billion of targeted investment for interdisciplinary research in these areas alone, which places it among the leading institutions globally pursuing these challenges.


Educational excellence

The University of Sydney offers Australia’s broadest range of disciplines, and a global network that includes more than 250 exchange opportunities in 41 countries, which allows its students to shape their education to their interests and society’s newest challenges.


That’s one reason you’ll find its 320,000 alumni sharing its unique style of thinking in more than 170 countries around the world.


An education for everyone

It has always been the University of Sydney’s mission to provide people from any background with the opportunity to realise their potential through education. We were one of the first universities in the world to admit students solely on academic merit, and women on the same basis as men.


Today, the University provides almost $100 million in scholarships, grants and other support, as well as alternative entry pathways to students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds every year.


A unique campus life

There’s more to student life than what happens in the classroom. Voted number one for student experience in Australia, the University of Sydney is home to a diverse range of students from more than 130 countries, who enjoy access to more than 200 clubs and societies, sporting facilities, performance spaces, museums, galleries and learning and studying spaces.


With everything located on one of the world’s most beautiful campuses only five minutes from the centre of Sydney, the University’s community is unlike anywhere else in the world.


In establishing the University of Sydney, our founders recognised the power of education to inspire positive change. It’s a principle that drives us today, encouraging our people to push conventions, shape change and improve lives.


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Total Enrollment:37367
           International Students:8735(23%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:27667
           International Students:4494(16%)
Graduate Enrollment:9700
           International Students:4241(44%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advanced Diploma of Opera
           Agriculture Undergraduate Cross-Institutional
           Agriculture Undergraduate Non-Degree
           Arts Undergraduate Cross-Institutional
           Arts Undergraduate Non-Degree
           Bachelor of Agricultural Economics
           Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science)
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology)
           Bachelor of Applied Science (MRS) Diagnostic Radiography
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
           Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)
           Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours)
           Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
           Bachelor of Arts (Languages)
           Bachelor of Arts (Languages) (Honours)
           Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)
           Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) (Honours)
           Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work
           Bachelor of Arts and Master of Nursing
           Bachelor of Commerce
           Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)
           Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology
           Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Advanced)
           Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Honours)
           Bachelor of Design Computing
           Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours)
           Bachelor of Design in Architecture
           Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours)
           Bachelor of Economics
           Bachelor of Economics (Honours)
           Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
           Bachelor of Education (Primary)
           Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education: Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education: Science) and Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Human Movement and Health Education)
           Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Education (Secondary:Aboriginal Studies)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical (Space))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical and Biomolecular)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil (Construction))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil (Environmental))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil (Geotechnical))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil (Structures))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Project Engineering)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical (Bioelectronics))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical (Power))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Flexible First Year)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical (Biomedical))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical (Space))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic (Space))
           Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Software)
           Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Design Architecture
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Medical Science
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Project Management
           Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Environmental Systems
           Bachelor of Health Sciences
           Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Nursing
           Bachelor of Information Technology
           Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Commerce
           Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Medical Science
           Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of International and Global Studies
           Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Honours)
           Bachelor of International and Global Studies and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science
           Bachelor of Medical Science
           Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)
           Bachelor of Medical Science and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Music (Composition)
           Bachelor of Music (Music Education)
           Bachelor of Music (Musicology)
           Bachelor of Music (Performance)
           Bachelor of Music Studies
           Bachelor of Music Studies (Honours)
           Bachelor of Music Studies and Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Music Studies and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)
           Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
           Bachelor of Nursing Post Registration
           Bachelor of Oral Health
           Bachelor of Pharmacy
           Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences
           Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (Honours)
           Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Project Management
           Bachelor of Psychology
           Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
           Bachelor of Resource Economics
           Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)
           Bachelor of Science (Advanced)
           Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Science (Honours)
           Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts (combined degree)
           Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Science and Master of Nursing
           Bachelor of Science and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
           Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
           Bachelor of Social Work
           Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies (Honours)
           Bachelor of Veterinary Science
           Bachelor of Visual Arts
           Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)
           Engineering Undergraduate Cross-Institutional
           Engineering Undergraduate Non-Degree
           Health Sciences Undergraduate Non-Award

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