Academic Ranking of World Universities

ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020 - Aerospace Engineering
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World Rank Institution* Country/Region National/Regional
Total Score Score on
1Beihang University1279.2100.0
2Northwestern Polytechnical University2221.968.7
3National University of Defense Technology3219.570.6
4Harbin Institute of Technology4217.668.2
5University of Michigan-Ann Arbor1214.239.4
6Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics5211.361.0
7California Institute of Technology2208.441.0
8Georgia Institute of Technology3206.036.0
9Delft University of Technology1203.146.1
10Purdue University - West Lafayette4196.334.7
11Beijing Institute of Technology6195.657.4
12Tsinghua University7191.148.6
13Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)5189.035.2
14University of Maryland, College Park6188.627.2
15The University of Texas at Austin7185.034.7
16Technical University of Munich1177.231.0
16Technion-Israel Institute of Technology1177.242.1
18Stanford University8176.826.2
19University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign9175.528.5
20University of Cambridge1171.618.7
20University of Southampton1171.628.2
22Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University10171.527.2
23University of Toronto1171.428.2
24Sapienza University of Rome1168.742.3
25University of Naples Federico II2167.728.8
26University of Colorado at Boulder11165.340.8
27University of Bristol3164.020.2
28Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology1162.036.5
29Pennsylvania State University - University Park12161.026.8
30The University of Tokyo1160.826.5
31McGill University2159.929.2
32The Ohio State University - Columbus13157.425.4
33The University of New South Wales1156.727.2
34University of Florida14156.020.6
35Cranfield University4155.933.9
36Polytechnic University of Milan3154.731.6
37Nanyang Technological University1154.531.9
38Texas A&M University15154.425.4
39Shanghai Jiao Tong University8154.131.0
40Imperial College London5153.221.9
41RMIT University2152.126.8
42Peking University9152.021.1
43Xi'an Jiaotong University10150.725.1
44York University3150.327.2
45Tohoku University2149.918.2
46National University of Singapore2149.721.1
47Johns Hopkins University16148.926.5
48Polytechnic University of Turin4148.331.3
49The University of Glasgow6145.726.5
50University of Surrey7144.727.9

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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